Boomdabash sings with Al Bano (and other records of the week)

It’s not summer without Boomdabash, says the list of hits with which the Salento group has climbed the charts throughout the summer months, cementing itself as a phenomenon with millions of streams and dozens of platinum records. This round Boomdabash is not satisfied with the route into high rotation with a new single, “Lambada”, with Paola and Chiara. Biggie Bash and friends will send their new album, “Venduti,” to stores Friday, July 14. Finding their roots. One of the most anticipated records of the week, it’s also one that will mark the return of Kool & The Gang. And then Rita Ora’s new and Gordo Lightfoot’s posthumous album. Here’s what to expect.

Boomdabash – “Sold Out”

The title is naturally inciting to respond to those who accuse Biggie Bash and his associates, who twenty years ago left the Salento social centers as a sound system, producing hits summer after summer. You have become a giving machine. His roots, in the sixth album of his career, hit the mainstream level in 2018 with a duet with Loredana Berte on “Non Ti Dico No”, various “Per Unmilion”, “Mambo Salentino”, “Tivolvo Dedicate”. ” Before “, “Karaoke”, “Mohikani”, “Fantastica” and “Tropicana”, Boomdabash sang them together with his countryman Al Bano in “Sud” (The Lion of Cellino San Marco is not new to such experiments: In 2021 they recorded) with Sud Soundsystem “Like the Ivy”). Emma also comes from Salento and appears with the group on “Graffiti”. Among other guests on the record, Paola and Chiara sing on “Lambada”. Villabanks raps on “Fake Taxi”.

Kool and the Gang – “People Just Want to Have Fun”

The historic R&B and funk group released the 15-track album “People Just Wanna Have Fun” on July 14. Featuring songs from multiple genres and the catchy new lead single ‘Let’s Party’, their 34th studio album aims to be ‘for everyone’ with tunes from the 70s and 80s to the present day.

Gordon Lightfoot – “At the Royal Albert Hall”

What his label defines as the “final album” of Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot, who died on May 1 at the age of 84, will be released on July 14. The album, which will be live, is titled “At Royal Albert Hall” through Linus Entertainment. This is a recording of the concert held at the London Theater on May 24, 2016. The tracklist includes many of his best-loved songs, including “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”, “If You Could Read My Mind”, “Early Morning”. Rain” and yet others.

Rita Ora – “You and Me”

With over 10 billion streams, the four singles finished at the top of the UK sales chart, where she holds the record for the female artist with the most singles placed in the top ten over the years: thirteen in total. Rita Ora returned to the scene with her third official album, “You and I”, two years after her last album. He called it his most personal project. The twelve songs that make it up, including the singles “You Only Love Me”, “Praising You” and “Don’t Think Twice”, are several chapters in a relationship that Rita Ora writes and sings. The pop star has already worked with producer Oak Felder alongside Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys and Usher. Among the guests, Fatboy Slim appears on the same “Praising You”, while “I Don’t Want to Be Your Friend” features Trevor Mazzy, multi-awarded – also at the Grammys – producer, hitmaker and sound engineer. I’m already working with Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga.

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