Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper: the aftermath of the strike

Because after the scriptwriters strike and Hollywood actors

passionary Fran Drescher, head of the American Actors Union, said yesterday that they are ready to go on strike within the next 6 months. Because they want to “win”. Getting everything for which they break the crystal bowl of Hollywood. Good for them. It is a pity, however, that fragments are also being collected in Europe. Filming and festivals. Like Venice 2023. Star like is to blame Brad Pitt AND Bradley Cooper.

The end of the strike of actors and writers will not come soon. Prepare not to see some of the films whose release date will be pushed back. Not to see the launch of new productions, even in Europe. Do not admire the stars, except on vacation.

Is this the right time when Italian films manage to take up more space? That would be the only positive side of this situation. Meanwhile, however…

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt (on the set of Formula 1 with his colleague Damson Idris during the Silverstone Grand Prix on July 9, 2023) has decided to pause filming. Even if, touring Europe, he could continue. Here are the aftermath of the American actors’ strike in the Old Continent and at the 2023 Venice Film Festival (photo by Ansa)

Brad Pitt has stopped filming his Formula 1 movie

Everything stopped. Closed set. Apart from some urgent and already organized filming, the F1 movie that Brad Pitt is filming – sorry, he was – in Europe has been put on hold. The star decided so. In solidarity with colleagues abroad and the trade union to which he belongs.

Even if, filming on the Old Continent and therefore under European law, he could continue to shoot the film. Developed with the F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton. Noble gesture by Pitt. Demonstration of the importance of the demands put forward by the trade union. It is a pity that European workers were left without work.

Who does not have access to the compensation fund set up by Sag-Aftra to help actors who are not working during the strike. What, for example, Seth Macfarlane just donated a million dollars.

Maestro (2023) by and with Bradley Cooper (Photo by Netflix)

Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein in Maestro (which he also directed) was one of the anticipated stars of the 2013 Venice Film Festival. Like him, many gave up (photo by Netflix)

No Venice for Bradley Cooper, even as director of Maestro.

During a press conference dedicated to the presentation of the program of the Venice Film Festival 2023, Alberto Barbera he was sure. He counted on the fact that Hollywood stars who starred in independent films would still come to Laguna. That the exceptions granted by the union to truly independent productions would not turn the Venetian red carpet into a desert.

It won’t be like that. In addition to the already announced flat rate Emma Stone (main character Poor creatures! From Yorgos Lanthimos, in the contest), the name of those who cause a lot of damage has now been added. Bradley Cooper, says Barbera, called him and said that, in solidarity with his colleagues, he would not be at the Festival either. Not even to accompany as the director of a film for which the Golden Lion is up for grabs, Owner.

Will Viola Davis’ protest affect the Venice Film Festival red carpet?

To be there or not, that is the question. Because the list of those who “as a sign of solidarity” skip meetings is getting longer every day. It’s a matter of opportunity for the stars. The gap between what they could have done and what would have been better done. Especially after the words and gestures of such a diva as Viola Davis. Who questioned the benefits provided by the union to independent industries.

The Oscar-winning actress has suspended production on her action-packed thriller. G20, who also had agreement to continue. “I love this film, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to keep making it during the strike,” he said.

Words he agrees with Sarah Silverman. The WHO explained on social media that it was “very pissed off” at the idea of ​​movie stars continuing to work on independent projects. “The strike ends when they sit down at the table and we make a deal. So you let people make movies, and movie stars make movies knowing their goal is to sell them to the streaming giants.” what they hit.

The idea of ​​Davis and Silverman (and many others) is that once Hollywood is brought to a complete halt, the studios will be forced into serious negotiations. Retreats are bad for a protest. Even for the red carpet. Venice too.

“Give me”, Jan Munir Demange (photo by the press office)

Riz Ahmed in a still from Jan Munir Demange’s “Give Me” opening the Locarno Film Festival 2023. The English actor won’t even be there to receive the award (press office photo)

Locarno Film Festival 2023 Packages

Venice 2023 is not the only “victim”. Locarno Film Festival kicks off today in Switzerland. That he will have to refuse to present various awards, including those for his career. British actor Riz AhmedExcellence Award Davide Campari 2023, has announced that he will not travel to Locarno to attend the award ceremony in Piazza Grande during the opening ceremony.

Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard, who received the 2023 Leopard Club Award on June 16, has decided to withdraw the award in solidarity. Therefore, Skarsgård will be in Locarno solely to present a new film in which he is involved. What remains (Zanhuang2022) proposed in Out of Competition, and other events that included his presence – the awards ceremony in Piazza Grande on the evening of 4 August and the Talk to the Public on 5 August – were cancelled.

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But we are sure of one thing. The Venice Film Festival was also made in the midst of a pandemic that has shut down the world. The lack of Hollywood glamor on the red carpet certainly won’t scare the city of San Marco. The 2023 edition will be a great show.


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