Brazilian GP F1 2023: Aaron claims inexhaustible top hat: the trick he used to confuse Checo Preez

Aston Martin Hit bottom Mexico. With three races left until the end of the 2023 F1 season, it looks like the Green Car team is destined to end the season in vain. But Silverstone’s revival in Brazil is unlikely.

fernando alonso Earn victory from an epic battle czech president.Because of this, “14” is neck and neck with the four-time champion on the podium Alain Prost Became the fourth driver with the most wins in F1 history. The sum of the two is 106Although Asturias has the potential to continue to add to his personal tally.

In fact, the third place from Interlagos has a lot going for it. This is down to Alonso’s ingenuity, always having a plan in the car to maximize every opportunity presented to him. He knew that Checo’s RB19 was better every lap, so he thought about what moves to use against the stronger opponent..

misleading strategy

The best thing was that he misled Red Bull during the race limit and medium tire.conversation with him Chris CroninHis track engineers at Aston Martin wereted no time:

-Fernando Alonso: “I’m confused about the target time. I remember the target time from Plan B. Should I be seven faster than Plan B?”

-Chris Cronin: “Yes, Fernando, correct. Seven tenths below plan B’s time. Or three tenths above plan A’s time.”

-FA: “So from now on I have to ride under today’s temperature limits? That number?”

-DC: “Yeah, Fernando, exactly (laughs). Just like the temperature data we had today. I’m impressed.”

-FA: “Okay. I guess I have more tires than temperature.”

-DC: “Yeah, got it, man (laughs).”

In the final battle, the most important thing is kinematic diagram Use all the energy you can on the two long straights of the Brazilian circuit.The second (and more important) thing is to concentrate on braking in corners Come away with better traction.

red bull reaction

Even though his opponent was faster, Alonso was able to beat him. What’s more, at Red Bull they decided to copy Fernando’s tactics, although it wasn’t enough to beat the ’14’.verbal communication between Hugh BirdCheco’s track engineers and the Mexican demonstrated this:

-Czech: Damn, that’s too fast on the straights! “

-Hugh Bird: “Use the energy early, leave early. Try to drive further away from the apex of Turn 12. Prioritize traction. Lock the exit. Follow Fernando’s line at Turns 10 and 12.”

CP: “No! If I follow your path I’ll be caught in the dirty air.”

HB: “Focus on the exit of Turn 12. Sacrifice a little bit on the entrance and focus on the exit.”

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