She recorded the moment she was shot by her boyfriend… and the footage appeared

The terrible murder committed in Brazil was widely covered in the world press. A young woman, Ellie Alves, 23, was shot and died. Alves was taken to the hospital by her friend, 27-year-old Diego Fonseca, but she died before doctors could intervene.

Before the facts emerged, Diego Fonseca claimed to the police that Alves was killed by a man on a motorcycle, but the truth was revealed through the contradictory statements he made and photos from Alves’ mobile phone.

The footage shows Fonseca standing next to the window and pointing the gun at Alves. In the video, Alves can be heard laughing and telling Fonseca: “Come on, baby, do it.” After Fonseca pulled the trigger, Alves fell to the ground. Although Fonseca immediately transferred him to Hospital de Clínica, Alves died.

According to local news sources; Fonseca told the authorities who came to the hospital that two people rode towards them on a motorcycle and one of them shot Alves twice. However, upon examination of Elvis’ mobile phone, it was found that he had committed the murder.

Fonseka is arrested for murder. The murder weapon, a .380-caliber handgun, was seized outside the hospital near where he parked his car.

He had a review

He stated that Fonseca had a criminal record for stealing and assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Alves’ mother told Brazilian news outlet G1 that Fonseca called her at the hospital and promised to find the killers. Mother Olesian Alves spoke of Fonseca as follows: “I learned through him that he was in the hospital. “He hugged me and said: Whoever did this to him will pay the price.”

Mother Alves said that her daughter and Fonseca have been dating for a year and seven months, and that her daughter wants to get out of this relationship. Olesian Alves stated that her daughter said hours before she was killed that she would leave Fonseca because this would not work.

Olesian Alves also said that her daughter went to hospital after Fonseca attacked her last year and suffered stitches on her arm:

“They had a fight a few times and he came in with some bruises. I thought it was bad to step in, but it was difficult. “He didn’t say much to me.”

A friend also said that Alves broke off his relationship with Fonseca and that Fonseca threatened to kill Alves.

Fonseca was also reported to have broken into Elvis’ mother’s house before.

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