Briatore on vacation with Nathan Falco and model Leni Klum, the never-recognized daughter he had with Heidi Klum – MOW

Flavio Briatore spends a few days on holiday in Munich with his son Nathan Falco Briatore and, surprisingly, daughter Leni Klum, a young model born in 2004 from a relationship with Heidi Klum and never recognized as an Italian entrepreneur.

Ga few weeks italian entrepreneur Flavio Briatore on holiday between the Costa Smeralda and Monaco, makes you talk: from partying to the Billionaire going through dinner with Toto Wolff, Lawrence Stroll and Stefano Domenicali, to the latest photo shared on social media for discussion. Briatore actually posted on Instagram a shot in which he is seen as the main character in the center of the stage during a boat trip in Monte Carlo, his house and residence for many years: to his right his son Nathan Falco Briatore, his ex-wife Elisabetta Gregoracci, while on his left, surprisingly, is another Briatore daughter, the beautiful young model Leni Klum, born from a relationship with Heidi Klum and never recognized as an entrepreneur.

The history of Leni and Briatore’s relationship remains largely strictly private: what is known today is that the girl was born in 2004, a few months after the end of the love story between the former Benetton team manager and Renault in Formula 1. and a Victoria’s Secret angel, in an atmosphere of tension and distance, led Briatore to the heavily criticized decision not to acknowledge his daughter. When Heidi Klum later married singer Seal, he offered to adopt her stepdaughter. today he bears the double surname Olumi Klum.

Briatore and Leni would have met for the first time only in 2018, when the girl is now 14, even if before that – over the years – they talked several times on the phone. In 2022, the relationship has become less formal and more intimate. The model invited her to spend a few days in Sardinia with Flavio and his half-brother Nathan. Things seem to be going even better between the two this year, as evidenced by a photo posted by the entrepreneur showing the three hugging: “Vacation in Monaco with Leni and Nathan Falco,” Briatore wrote on Instagram. Finally got it right?

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