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“Obviously, my body is flawed. But I prefer to have a little cellulite and travel, eat everywhere in the South and try different ice creams,” a tall, thin, famous blonde told the confessed in a magazine interview lure . No, maybe none of the names that pop into your head right now are realistic.exactly celebrity The one who said it was (please, beat the drums…) blake lively. She’s not the only famous woman with an admirable figure to admit to similar things.They didn’t get away with that either 93% of women are affected in some way by this “problem”.let them ask Sandra Bullockother celebrity He’s talked about his cellulite and the cellulite of other mortals. “We all have cellulite. Even supermodels!” said the actress, confirming the dreaded orange peel’s ubiquitous trait. “It’s natural, we’re not human without it’, he later reflected.

But the fact that it’s a pervasive problem doesn’t mean there can’t be a lot that can be done to reduce it if we want to, and there are tools to fix it. Because one of the most helpful people echoed the phrase “information is power”, We dispel the most popular myths surrounding it. shall we start now?

Cellulite from the age of 25

No, cellulite is not like wrinkles.as confirmed Rosa Estebanez, medical representative of Auxin Cosmeticswhich can begin “from the moment the body begins to develop, that is, in most cases, when estrogen levels increase, cellulite begins to form” in adolescence It is from this stage that the first symptoms appear”, explains the expert.

Anti-Cellulite Creams Are Not Necessary Before Age 25

Well, that’s not true either.Cellulite can start to be treated, as Estébanez explains from the moment of appearance. You can tell at a glance. “We start by taking care of our insides with a healthy diet and some physical activity that works the legs, increases oxygenation and blood circulation,” the expert explained. Auxin Cosmeticshe also insists on the importance of applying topical anti-cellulite treatments at this moment.

Cellulite Won’t Go Away

We’d love to be able to say this myth is false, but Jacqueline Newsonnutritionist rich and healthy, is blunt. “It’s not going away! However, there are treatments that can help your body fight cellulite and make you feel more comfortable with your body,” she says. So while it’s never completely gone and can always come back, it’s possible to soften it and lessen its presence to the point of near-invisibility.

massage doesn’t work

Forged. They help (and a lot). There are both those that are done in the cabin and those that must be done at home.as explained Dr. Mato Ansorenathe director of the clinic that bears his name, it is very important to perform it once a day (before or after showering) Brush to massage and dry skin Improve blood circulation. “With this action, you will reactivate the skin cells and prevent fat deposits underneath. So it is very important to use a soft brush and massage in circular motions”, explains the doctor.To him, making you a night self massage Promotes venous return and reabsorption of fluid that accumulates in our body tissues during the day.

Wearing too tight pants is conducive to the appearance of cellulite

he confirmed it journal of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry: this skinny jeansIn addition to causing serious problems with the muscles and nerves in your legs, they can also lead to the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.The doctor explained it like this i killed ansolena : “Wearing tight pants Prevents proper elimination of excess toxins from the body. If you’re trying to reduce cellulite, wearing pants that aren’t too tight can help.

Localized cellulite and cellulite require the same treatment

This is simply wrong. Although it is common to confuse the two terms and refer to them collectively as cellulite (36.5% of respondents did not know the difference in a study presented by Somatoline Cosmetic), Rosa Estebanez Insist on the need to distinguish between the two problems, as they require different approaches. While there is a big difference between cellulite and localized cellulite, it can be summed up in such a simple way. “Cellulite assumes tissue deformation, whereas in localized fat predominates volume and fluid”.

Walking Regulates Cellulite

real.exactly Poor circulation is one of the contributing factors to cellulite (and not the other way around as long believed). Therefore, exercise is a great option to improve circulation and regulate the appearance of cellulite.it’s not going to Gym Every day (even better if you do), but at least half an hour each day going up and down stairs or walking at a good pace.

Anti-cellulite creams are useless if you don’t exercise

While it is clear that the most effective formulations are those that combine exercise, good nutrition, and cosmetic treatments in salon and topical use, the reality is that using good cellulite cream, which is valuable even if you don’t play sports. “If you use Anti-Cellulite Cream Visibly Improves Cellulite The results were brilliant, but not every method was right for us”, explains Rosa Estébanez.

Sleeping with ankle pads may help.

While this may seem like a remedy with no scientific backing, the truth is that sleeping promote blood circulation Thus, the risk of developing cellulite due to one of the most common causes: poor circulation can be reduced.

Hormone control helps (and a lot)

real. It is our hormones that can affect the production of body fat. That’s why it’s important to work on keeping them under control. as?as explained by the experts rich and healthywith vitamins B and B6 and phytoestrogens, you can find benefits in soybeans, sesame, oats and flaxseed meal. “They’re convenient hormone balancers,” Newson explains.

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