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In past, David Banner he applies his genetic experiments on himself. When small bruce, his son, is born, his father notices signs of a mutation in him. He gives him to a foster family and hides, leaving no trace of his son. Currently, Bruce (Eric Bana), already an adult, works in the same field as his father.

During the experiment with Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly), a brilliant scientist is unwittingly exposed to large amounts of gamma rays. Despite this, Banner not only seems unaffected by it, but his physique even seems to have benefited from it. some wounds that also healed. While recuperating, Bruce encounters a man posing as his father, David (Nick Nolte), who accuses the general of Thaddeus Ross (Sam Elliott), Betty’s father, to be put in jail. Bruce chases the man away, but he recovers and subsequently uses the scientist’s DNA for his experiments.

Subsequently, Bruce, under the pressure of obligations and pressure at work, in a moment of anger turns into monstrous green creature and destroys the lab. Locked in the house by Ross, who accuses him of being his father’s accomplice, Bruce transforms again and joins Betty. The girl, given the situation, decides to help him. However, Bruce is captured by a former soldier, Glenn Talbot (Josh Lucas) who wants to use his power.

Freed and eliminated the kidnapperHulk comes though hunted down by Ross and captured. Soon after, he is joined by his father (who in the meantime has managed to use the gamma rays to his advantage), who in turn is imprisoned. Thus, the two who are threatened by Ross have a confrontation. The father insists on using his son’s powers for destructive purposes, which he refuses. Two transform and create one combat the outcome of which seems to be mutual annihilation. But Bruce manages to survive and, apparently, change his life.

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