“He didn’t give me a ride,” and pulls out a pepper spray. Arrested 18 year old

Fight right after concert From Elektra Lamborghini. The main character is an 18-year-old boy from Agrigento who pulled out one of his pockets. Pepper spray and sprayed it on the agents who intervened to restore calm and on those who were present at the area of ​​the former heliport of San Leone di Agrigento.

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The boy, who also tried to escape after being stopped by police officers involved in the public order at a demonstration on the night of August 15, was arrested for fighting, violence and resisting an official, and illegal possession of weapons. The police dispute the illegal possession of weapons.


The fight, which began as the crowd flocked from Piazza Giglia, where the concert was taking place, involved 3 or 4 other young men who are being identified. In addition to taking control of the concert venue, the police inspected the adjacent clearing of the former helipad and witnessed the start of the brawl, intervening immediately to ensure no one was hurt. Just as the officers were trying to restore calm, the 18-year-old pulled out a pepper spray, which he began to spray on everyone. Thus, he managed to escape, but he was pursued and immediately stopped by the police, who, while putting him in a car to take him to the barracks and identify him, since he was without documents, were verbally attacked by some friends and relatives of the young man. It is not clear why the fight started, the 18-year-old guy said that he asked for a ride, which he was denied.

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