Britney Spears, Sam Asgari’s husband, now threatens: ‘I’ll reveal embarrassing details’

By now, the British and American tabloids have no doubts: Britney Spears and husband Sam Asgari I’m one step away divorce. According to some sources close to the couple who married a year ago, the pop star and model have reached the point of no return.

OUR hearing one of them argue the explosives that caused the Iranian-American model to leave her villa seem to be finding more and more evidence. And now they’ll be involved too threats essential for a princess pop

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Embarrassing Details

According to Mirrors, Britney Spears AND victim from blackmail that could soon become her ex-husband. While fans of the pop star are delighted with numerous rumors about hearing happening in the last few hours, Sam Asgari is ready to play the card completely.

According to what has come to light, they actually signed a pre-nuptial agreement before the wedding, which, however, the model would now like to renegotiate due to what happened recently. At the heart of a furious quarrel between them, in fact, it would seem, lies the betrayal of Britney Spears towards her husband, and he wants to divorce at all costs.


But before that, he demands to revise their prenuptial agreement. Apparently, in fact, Britney Spears is a woman who, despite a long break in the world of entertainment, is worth about $ 70 million. This is a treasure in the pockets of the singer, which, however, would seem to be connected.

After a long legal dispute with his father, it was for asset management that most of this money was tied in favor of the children. And by the looks of it, it looks like Sam Asgari signed an agreement before getting married that everyone money earnings before marriage would not enter into legal disputes about a possible divorce.

The position, which, taking into account separation, the model wants to get out. And he seems to have information on his side that could convince his wife to sit down at the negotiating table. “Let’s change the deal or I’ll reveal the details to the world embarrassinghe would threaten.

For now, there doesn’t seem to be a response from Britney, but based on what’s been revealed from sources close to the couple, what Sam knows could worry her a lot… A new gossip soap opera is about to explode and many fans are ready enjoy every single chapter of the story, which promises to be full of twists and turns.

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