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The Britney Spears songs they resonate in all of us, from the most cheerful and enjoyable ones to the most emotional and profound ones. The center of attention at the age of alone 8 years old, the life of Britney Spears it was far from simple and linear. The singer born in the USA in 1981 achieved worldwide fame at the age of eighteen with her debut single Baby One More Time, then consolidating his career in the following years with other successful albums and singles. All this led the singer to become one of the most famous pop artists in the world.

However, while she tasted fame and glory from a very young age, on the other her own private life has been often under the spotlight and the pop star had to deal with several personal challenges During the years. On the one hand, she has heard the pressure from his family who helped push her to the limit of her possibilities, on the other i mass media – literally obsessed with this global phenomenon and rising star – have completely eliminated his privacy even off stage. All this stress has led the artist to a nervous breakdown, which then resulted in an unpleasant outburst and in a hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital. Following the incident, Britney was put under father’s protection, who has taken control of his personal and financial life. A new challenge for the singer, who for years has tried to put an end to the guardianship and to resume the control of one’s lifealso through legal battles followed by the whole world (from which it came out winner just recently) and by her fans (who created the hashtag #freebritney). In short, that of Spears has not been an easy life or without jolts. In general, Britney Spears suffering seems to have been caused by a combination of media pressure, personal matters and most likely one fragility emotional which did not allow her to withstand the enormous pressures she suffered. Despite her struggles, Britney Spears has continued to make music and perform for her fans, demonstrating great strength and determination. And today, that everything seems past, appears serene and in full possession of her destiny. Always sincere and transparent, in moments of maximum discomfort Britney has composed several hits where she is laid bare showing everyone his pain. These five Britney Spears songs are the ones that best tell his pain.


This song, featured on the album Oops!… I Did It Again of 2000, tells the story of a celebrity which, despite seeming to have everything in life, feels alone and empty. The song is not dedicated to any specific person, but was written to represent the feelings of someone in a similar situation, such as pressures of fame and the lack of authentic relationships. Lucky also talks about the life of Britney herself, who has faced many challenges throughout her career and in her private life.


Featured on the album In the Zone of 2003, “Everytime” is about a toxic relationship that makes the singer suffer and from which she would like to get out. Written by the singer herself together with Annette Stamatelatos, the song puts a sick love but that is hard to let go. Although it has never been officially confirmed, it has been speculated that the song was written by Britney Spears as a response to the end of her relationship with Justin Timberlakewhich happened just a year earlier. Even if the clues seem to lead to this conclusion, the person concerned has never confirmed this hypothesis and the song could very well speak of other painful situations that she has experienced in her life.

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“Piece of Me”

“Piece of me” is a song written ai averagethe same ones they always have pursued and judged the singer up to make her experience a profound malaise. We find it in the 2007 album Blackout, and it lays bare Britney’s relationship with the press and the paparazzi – “guilty” of robbing her of her privacy.


This song, featured on the album Femme fatale of 2011, tells the story of a forbidden love and the pain of having to do it HIDE. At the center of the events is the relationship with a man who has a criminal reputation and of which the protagonist is in love despite its flaws. In an interview, Britney said that the song is aboutattraction to the wrong person and how love can make people do things they wouldn’t normally do.


The last song by Britney Spears that talks about her suffering is Perfume, featured on the 2013 album Britney Jean. In this song, the pop star tells us about a relation in which the protagonist she doesn’t feel loved enough and try to use a perfume to hold his partner. Reading between the lines, we discover one complicated story and we get to know the‘insecurity of the protagonist regarding the fidelity of his partner. It hasn’t been officially confirmed who the song is dedicated to, but there has been speculation that it was inspired by the singer’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend Jason Trawick.

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