Britney Tokyo, interview with Paris Hilton’s nail artist

Among his most loyal customers are the Kardashian, Rita Ora, Ariana Grande and, after the Klarna campaign, too Paris Hilton. Britney Tokyo, on the other hand, is a real nail-art artist, specialized in three-dimensional manicure and handpainting. She was born and raised in Tokyo, Britney dreamed of becoming an artist. “I started drawing when I was a little girl. I was always intent on painting and decorating my nails while I was in class, being careful not to get caught by the teacher! », she says laughing. “At the time, I didn’t even know the term ‘nail-art’. I wanted to become a painter». A dream come true in an unexpected way: Britney, in fact, has established herself as a nail artist in Los Angeles, where she lives, becoming a real nail artist. And, like any self-respecting creative of hers, she lets them inspire her fashion, music, art and culture. An approach that has allowed her to become one of the most loved manicurists by her celebs: Paris Hilton even chose her to create the milky white manicure with which she presented her firstborn to the world of social media. A perfect example of the American Dream: Britney Tokyo’s career, however, is only just beginning.

Britney Tokyo: her career from Tokyo to Los Angels

The story of Britney Tokyo begins in the Japanese capital. “After graduating from a nail artist school in Japan, I worked in a salon for a few years, but all the decorations and designs I made were in shades of pink, with three-dimensional bows and rhinestones,” she says. «I was really tired and bored to make these drawings every single day, so I decided to leave Japan, move elsewhere and try something new». The choice fell on the United States, but the path has not been easy at all. “I had no experience in the US, so I started taking English lessons and, then, attending a college to get licensed. After graduation, I started an internship at a local salon. I’ve been there for years.”

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Britney, however, wanted more: driving her was the ambition to become the «best nail artist in the world», but it took a lot of practice to do it. And even put up with some rude customers. «I smiled and went on with my work. I thought about leaving many times, but I knew if I did I would go back to Japan. It wasn’t easy believing in myself, but I was determined to complete mine American dream”. Britney Tokyo’s life, in reality, has changed thanks to social networks. «When I started posting my work on Instagram, many doors opened for me. Just the other day they started following me Katy Perry and Ariana Grande, something I never dreamed of. I think I can say that “Britney Tokyo” was born thanks to the power of Instagram». Today, Britney works on red carpet, for fashion campaigns and holds seminars dedicated to nail-art. “Lately I’ve also been working on my own product line called Tokyo Spice». Ultimately her dream has come true: Britney is an artist, but she works on a decidedly different type of canvas than what she imagined as a child.

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Work in the world of celebs and with Paris Hilton

Throughout her career, Britney Tokyo has had a chance to work with Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Charli D’Amelio, Pryanka Chopra, Kim Petras and many other stars. “I have often worked with Paris, a real privilege because she is a woman I admire and inspire me. I created some Y2K-style designs for her, which are particularly trendy at the moment and suit her perfectly. Often (Paris, ed) also sports beautiful french manicure, her nail-art passe-partout when she wants to show off her Barbie Paris Hilton look», explains Britney.

Finding inspiration for nail art

The 3D nails they could be defined as Britney’s “workhorse”. «I find inspiration above all in the fashion and artbut I consider myself a very open person and I let myself be inspired by everything around me. Sometimes they can be beautiful flowers, sometimes a building that catches my eye: anything can ignite my creativity». The nail art of the future? For Britney Tokyo will look… to the past. “All manicurists that belong to the Y2K style I’m here to stay, like the French manicure. In 2023, more particular styles such as the nails with piercings».

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New horizons: men’s manicure

“My clients are always curious to try new things, which is great for a creative person like me. It was it that made men’s manicure popular Harry Styles and, now, about 30% of my clients are men. I know that is an exception because it is not the same for many other professionals. I think it’s because my style is inspired by fashion and is not too girly. A few years ago, I worked at a nail art corner at GR8, a clothing store in Harajuku, Japan, and I realized that men love nail-art very much. I’m so glad she’s finally genderless!” Where her love for colorful and creative nails will take her we cannot know. What is certain is that Britney is destined to be a great artist, just like she dreamed of as a child.

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