BTS Set Me Free Jimin Drops pt. 2′ music video

Jimin is a living art and his latest music video is here to prove it. before releasing his first solo album Face On March 24, he dropped a photo of his song “Set Me Free Pt.2.” The video shows BTS prejudice Cardi B dancing with German Rainer Maria Rilke Poetry The words “Ich lebe mein leben in wachsenden ringen” (in English, “I live my life in ever-widening circles”) are imprinted on her chest ). This literary choice goes well with generalization cover for her forthcoming album, as well as a teaser titled “Circle of Resonance” which stated, “The waves come from the deepest unseen inner world, pass through the face on the surface and reach out to others to reverberate as they convey the inner voice.”

Jimin previously confirmed A consequence that the title of his pre-release single is a nod to “Set Me Free” on BTS member Suga’s mixtape. D-2. “There’s no connection and we haven’t tried to split the first or second part,” she explained. “But since it turns out my song is about freedom and moving forward, and Suga’s song is about some stories that came before, I thought it would be cool to come later.” Jimin’s new track feels free, as he sings lyrics like “I never stop, all your operations / Finally free” and “Idiot, get out of the way / Shut up, fuck you.” having “Filter.”

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