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In an interview with Comicbook, David F Sandberg talked about the famous cameo of Shazam! Fury of the Gods that Warner Bros. had unveiled only a few days ago.

It’s about Wonder Woman, played once again by Gal Gadot. Given what happened last time around, the director didn’t think he’d be able to get Diana Prince into his film. The reason is that for the first chapter Sandberg was told that Henry Cavill he would shoot his cameo and that in the meantime it would be necessary to shoot everything with a stunt double.

The day never came” the director recounted, “so we had to improvise with the stunt double shot, and that’s why the movie ends the way it is, which is still a fun ending“.

When Sandberg was guaranteed that the actress would appear in the film, he thought first of all to tease the public by deciding not to show Wonder Woman from the neck up in a first scene:

If we gave viewers one more headless cameo, they would be pissed. In the film we obviously laughed a little at her, and in fact at the end when we see her she has her head cut off for a few seconds, but then we see her right there. (…) She has always been in the script, but I never believed in it.

He then added:

When we shot that scene they said to me: “Oh, (Gal Gadot) won’t make it to this set, so we have to use a stunt double and then shoot her part“. I said to myself: “Yes, certainly“, but I was already thinking about the fact that we weren’t going to make it. (…) I was already thinking about a plan B, but then luckily it happened and we shot the scenes with Gal.

The director then spoke of the possibility of including a cameo from Batman And Superman:

Let’s justify it (the absence of superheroes from the Justice League) because there is the great dome of force that surrounds everything, stolen by the simpsons.

I actually thought at the beginning of putting in a scene, maybe a TV report where you see Superman trying to get inside or Batman right outside trying to bring down the dome. But we immediately gave up, because he would have led to too many questions: “Ok, since they’re clearly there, what do we do now?“.

Find all the information about Shazam! 2 in our tab: the film arrived in Italy on March 16th.

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