BTS’s Jimin thanks Ryan Gosling for giving him a Barbie guitar

Jimin, the star of K-pop group BTS, thanked Ryan Gosling for welcome gift: guitar black personalized with “Ken” lettering and a picture of a horse straight from the movie Barbie. The actor gave the musician an instrument on which he performed the work. push from match twenty as an apology For accidentally copied the outfit west worn by Jimin in the music video permission to dance. “Hi Ryan and Ken, I’m Jimin,” the pop star said in a video posted to Instagram. “Congratulations on a great release. My fans are looking forward to your video so thank you very much. I see you look great in my dress. Thanks for the guitar. I love it and can’t wait to watch it Barbie. Go Barbie!


“I noticed your outfit in the video permission to dance it’s the same as my Ken outfit in the upcoming movie Barbie. I have to give it to you – first you put it on,” Gosling said in an earlier video posted on Greta Gerwig’s official Twitter profile for the film. “You definitely wore it better, er. There is an unwritten rule of Ken: if you copy another Ken’s style, you give him the most valuable thing you have.. I hope you will accept Ken’s guitar as my humble offering. Also, Ken doesn’t really play, so… he’ll feel a lot better in your hands.”



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