Burridge regains speech and transfers flu effects to Massa and Mire

The law school dean’s debate had the effect of a second half, making it more decisive in reaching its conclusion on October 22. As was the case at last Sunday’s event at the Santiago del Estero Forum at the University at Buffalo School of Law, although there were winners and losers, adhering to the script dominated and there were no critical mistakes that would prove decisive in victory. If this leads to fluctuations in voting intentions, this will be seen.

1 – Patricia Burridge

Accompanying Together for Change leaders Patricia Burridge They left the University of Buenos Aires headquarters Sunday night with more of a feeling of relief than victory. The candidate’s abysmal performance in the first debate and television interviews became not only a model for her rivals, but also for herself. Trailing in the polls, there is no room for new setbacks.

“They all came in (Sergio Massa)”, “Did you see that the flu thing was true?”, Mireille stammered., is the expression of some get-rich-quicks scattered among the faculty halls. There was no flu this time, no incredible pretense of victory.

The Change Together candidate embraces her ax but knows how to avoid unfinished and meaningless phrases. His poor rhetoric did not prevent him from speaking in line with the current situation and showing confidence in finding his goals. Sergio Massa and Javier Mire.There is even room for horizontal disputes with others Juan Schiarettihe needs their voters like water.

Burridge’s poor rhetoric did not prevent him from adapting his speech to the times and sounding confident in the hunt for his targets Sergio Massa and Javier Mire

Hernan Iglesias Ilaconsultant and editor of recent books Mauricio Macri, takes center stage in the script. Head of the Bullrich team, Alberto Friggconsultant Guillermo Raffo (another name for the planet Macri), strategist Derek Hampton and deputy Hernan Lombardi They tried to get candidates to focus on classic issues like police heavy-handedness and the perception of Kirchnerists as “mafia gangs.”Also updated staff What have you done sparring partner in training.To reporters Nestor SlawzeroAccording to sources from Together for Change, the actor who played Mi Lei was invited to the legal lecture hall last night. The former news manager of Channel 7 (2015-2019) and former president of the Argentinian Press Forum (Fopea) in the management of Cambiemos limited his actions to non-verbal communication suggestions and certain clarifications at the request of Lombardi, saying that he was not Member of the Applicant with whom she has a relationship since she was a student of the Applicant.

Bullridge fixed ignored bug affairs Insaurralde even put the name of former mayor Lomas de Zamora in the soup at the Santiago del Estero meeting. He has gained weight.

A tendency toward excess and discursive violence that was a hallmark of the former minister’s identity, she also found someone who was beyond her and took advantage of him. The focus of the attack on Millais was to show the absurdity of his suggestions and to link him to “caste” and specifically to Massa (“They put together a list for you”), a charge against which liberals did not defend themselves.

Mainstream media presented a model of Burridge’s progress. The loudest voices in the Clarín and La Nación groups spoke of a draw in Santiago del Estero, with some even daring to say a victory for the former security minister. These outlets unanimously agreed that Burridge’s overturning of the defeat from a week ago this Sunday suggested such a radical conclusion..

A tendency toward excess and discursive violence was a hallmark of the former minister’s identity, but she found someone beyond her and took advantage of him

Macriism has long viewed this as an asset linked to illegal executions of alleged criminals by police forces. The polls are supposed to support an extreme view that characterizes the Argentinian “republican” right wing in general and Burridge in particular. Buenos Aires police officer Luis Chocobar, who was found guilty of aggravated homicide for excessive use of a firearm in the line of duty, appeared in a legal lecture hall and was celebrated by activists and PRO members as a coup.

Pablo Kukoc was shot in the back while escaping, without a gun and committing a serious crime. That the eventual Burridge government will follow precedent remains the most unlikely hypothesis, but not impossible.

2 – Miriam Bregman

Candidates of the Left and Workers’ Front (FIT) benefited from the possibility of speaking equally in front of a large audience at the Santiago del Estero debate. Miriam Bregman It is often disseminated through the media, but, in contrast to candidates who manage millions of dollars in state and private guidance or have political and economic partners with media ownership, their presence is limited to certain audiences.

The lawyer once again displays the dialectical skills typical of the Trotskyist struggle and her personal stamp, but she lacks the element of surprise.

The unanimity of the other four candidates on the conflict between Gaza and Israel gave the FIT candidate a chance. He presented the classic position of the left: civilian victims bemoaned, but the greatest responsibility lies with the “regime” apartheid“Is imposed by the occupying power. The fringe is more complicated, but his voters and those further afield (center-left, Peronist) don’t expect anything else.

Bregman reached his limit twice. When Schiaretti asked him about the financial balance (“A phrase invented by neoliberals”), the candidate fell into broad generalizations when Milei asked her for a list of companies to be nationalized.

it’s known. FIT is stronger in terms of resistance than detailed planning.

3 – Juan Schiaretti

The Governor of Córdoba enjoys perhaps the second richest national model in proportion to the number of inhabitants, after the city of Buenos Aires. Horacio Rodriguez Larretta During his failed presidential campaign, he relied on the Córdoba Media System, dominated by the Clarín Group (indoor soundsMiter Córdoba, El Doce TV) and Cadena 3 radio station, plus the ideologically-linked local opposition (Together for Change), Schiareti is rarely forced to respond to criticism face-to-face.

In both presidential debates, Schiareti once again has the advantage of no one seriously contesting him, as the three major candidates are interested in attracting voters who voted for Hashemos in the Aug. 11 primary in Cordoba. 27% of voters. For the same goal, they could have chosen the opposite strategy, but they didn’t..

Without taking into account his past and the social and institutional realities of his province, Schiareti fulfills his role of telling the story of the injustices perpetrated in the country with the Mediterranean Swedish Córdoba. Like Bregman, he lacks the surprise that he had in Santiago del Estero.

4 – Sergio Massa

The candidate of the Alliance for the Fatherland has been accused of being a member of the Mafia, creating a list for Millais, creating the current economic crisis, withholding resources from Córdoba, having partners who “support terrorists”, etc. He chose to let nearly all attacks pass, a strategy that his team and himself defined as a “professional campaign.”

Official candidates must accept criticism and cannot respond to all criticism, but leaving gaps on sensitive issues is akin to validating an opponent’s narrative.

Massa chose to focus on defending his image, as if he had to anchor himself to the politicians who broke away from Kirchnerism in 2013, rather than to the current politicians, who are members of the Classical and Progressive Peronist Front The boss, should show himself. As a dam against the two right-wings, one is extreme and the other is radical.

Burridge sets out better than at other times the basic thesis of “Common Change” that it represents a republican morality. This assertion does not withstand the slightest analysis and can be refuted with the dozen examples at hand, involving Macri (wind farms, espionage, money laundering by relatives), Rodriguez Larretta (transportation, judicial desk , Lake Escondido), the UCR (repression and the mismanagement of justice by Morales and Cornejo) and the presidential candidate himself (Geraldo Millman’s adventures, Militant). Addressing all of these issues would be intractable and add to the confusion of the campaign; ignoring them entirely or mentioning them in passing, without any precision, in front of a large audience would resemble an overwhelmed candidate.

Milley and Burridge’s attachment to the Israeli nationalist far-right is to be expected. It’s a political benefit they’ve felt they needed to gain for years. Another mistake of Massa’s was that he wrote his own point of view in the script and did not support the condemnation of the horrific atrocities of Hamas or the historical position of Argentina and especially Peronism in recognizing the two peoples. Countries condemn occupation of West Bank, Prioritize protection of civilians, Israel and Palestine. Limited to the traces of his own identity, Massa acted a little too aggressively.

On a night to forget, Massa could find solace. He needs Burridge not to collapse to reduce the risk of Millay winning in the first round. If anything, law school debates may have contributed to this end.

5 – Javier Millay

A week ago, the author argued that the low-decibel confrontation imposed by the strict format was detrimental to a Free Press candidate who felt comfortable in the presence of an angry cacophony or a dazzled interviewer. Millay made some confusing comments on Sunday but missed the mark.

Ridiculous reaction to the agreement signed with Luis Barrionuevo (“You have a lot of people from other places on your list”), his flat-earth data on pandemics and climate change, the chaos of the organ trade, quotes from minor writers and unfinished sentences when the bells ring. “Pass” They compared it to the flu in Burr Ridge last week.

Millay’s counterattack against Burridge ‘Vicious terrorist’ He made water because he was rude.


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