“But my fans only want to see legs”

He charmed entire generations with his beauty. Among the good reasons to see Series cult, Malibu safeguards, there certainly were her dizzying forms. And despite the passage of time, Carmen Electra she’s still a sexy bombshell.

His fame has never waned, thanks in part to his way of reinventing himself. In fact, after the Baywatch experience, the actress starred in Horror and now they continue to talk about him thanks to Social. And while she showcases her ageless beauty on Instagram, she posts content on OnlyFans. red lights but without exaggerating…

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Carmen Electra and legs on Onlyfans

The former star, who became famous on Zuma Beach between the waves and sand of California, publishes his new project on social networks, revealing the behind-the-scenes of the filming of “I AM GIA”, about which, however, he does not reveal anything else. if not for her super sexy outfits.

But for more than a year now, Carmen has also been on OnlyFans, where, without difficulty believing it, she says that she manages to earn “a mountain of money.” Many celebrities have decided to join a social platform dedicated to amateur pornographic content. But she hesitated for a long time before making a decision. TO Daily StarIn fact, he admits: “I was afraid of people judging me. What will they think of me? “After so many years on the crest of such a wave,” “at 51 she has reached her peak,” I thought, they said. However, then I told myself that there is only one life and we must plunge headlong into it. I was scared, really, but also very fascinated by the fact that for the first time in my life I would become the master of myself and my work. So I opened a profile and now I earn a lot.”

But in addition to revealing how she came to open her profile, the world’s most desirable former lifeguard (along with her friend) Pamela Anderson), wanted to reveal what the strangest requests he receives from his many fans.

“I never thought that despite everything they see, most of my fans want to see my legs… that’s what makes me laugh a lot and that’s why I work with a smile every day. I spend more time photographing my legs than my breasts: it’s fun.”

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