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L’acne created an insecurity in her thatLove they were swept away. That’s what happened to Izzy Roger influencers English. The girl decided to leave message positive about how to accept and live peacefully with their shortcomings, working on themselves. social. “This is how I overcame acne,” let’s see together what a twenty-year-old girl admitted to.

Heidi Klum, 19-year-old Leni (daughter of Briatore) shows herself without filters: “Because of acne, I locked myself at home”

Every day she eats only raw meat and offal: “I lost 30 kg, acne disappeared, and I am no longer depressed”

“Here’s How I Overcame Acne”

“Unfortunately I get pimples around my mouth and when I tell you that I feel so ugly and terrible, I mean it. I looked Lou straight in the eyes,” the girl explained on social networks, talking about her. groom – and I asked him how he could find me attractive. When he said yes, I started an argument with him and accused him of lying. But he never lied,” admitted the influencer on Instagram.

“He loved me for who I am, no matter what my skin is. I finally understand it now. He really taught me what real, unconditional love is supposed to be,” the influencer continued, speaking about how she managed to overcome her insecurities through love.

“You are charming and you deserve the whole world. I promise,” the girl wrote, referring to her boyfriend’s words and how important they were to her.

Fan reaction

Its nearly 500,000 followers between Instagram and tik tak they seemed to appreciate her message: “I had the same problem all my life: I didn’t believe that I was beautiful, or doubted my partner when he said that I was beautiful, how sad it is to deny us this love and affection,” he said. , wrote the user. While another fan added, “I’ve had acne for about 10 years and have always felt ugly, but recently I’ve begun to realize that beauty is so much more than acne-free skin, thanks in part to you.”

However, it seems that not everyone appreciated what the girl wrote, as some claim that she accepted her acne only because she has a boyfriend: “Without love, you would still get sick and continue not to accept yourself, do it despite no matter what,” he advised her.

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