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Eat the new man in Kim Kardashian’s life and unfortunately for the curious of us, we have no idea who it could be. In the last episode Kardashianour Kim, rather cryptically, explained to Scott Disick that there is a new partner who “accurately meets every standard on his list”. The incognito name given to this enigmatic character is Fred, and nothing else is known about him, except that he must be practically a perfect man, because the description given by the entrepreneur some time ago contained all the virtues of this world: from beauty to wealth through humility, empathy and total devotion to her and her children.

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Those who were skeptical at the time that such a person could exist will have to change their minds, because Kim managed not only to find her, but also to form a relationship with her. In her latest interviews, she said she wants to be alone for at least two years before embarking on a new story: an unfulfilled intention, but when you find perfection, how do you turn away from it? Also, keeping him a closely guarded secret can help determine if he is the right person, because, as we know, the queen of reality is an incorrigible romantic and always daydreams about a white dress when she starts dating someone she thinks might suit her.

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Recently, rumors wanted her to be next to champion Tom Brady: who knows, Fred is him! We’ll probably have to wait a little longer to find out: revealing the new companion’s name could once again lead to the crazy situation that Pete Davidson was the victim of, who was the target of death threats, insults and slanderous messages online from part of Kanye West. It’s best to stay out of the spotlight and away from the tantrums of a possessive and jealous ex-husband for now..

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