By Matilde Lucidi and her brown nike sneakers

Everyone has at least one pair of sneakers in their closet. They are not just sports shoes, but ideal footwear for any occasion and with various types of looks. They guarantee celebs and street style icons, who, in addition to showing them off in everyday outfits, have long legitimized their use outside the sports arena to wear them even in more formal situations, such as red carpets and social events of all kinds. At the top of the timeless models there are undoubtedly the Nike Air Jordans, born in 1984 from the famous collaboration with the basketball champion of the Chicago Bulls. Almost 40 years later, they are still at the top of the trends, as well as being an essential collector’s item for all sneakerheads. On the other hand, it is no coincidence that a film, entitled, has been dedicated to the history of the most iconic Nikes Air And directed by Ben Affleck (in theaters from April 5). Hailey Bieber, Zendaya and Lizzo are just some of the trendsetters recently spotted sporting a pair of Air Jodans. She also joined the list Matilda Lucidieldest daughter of top model Bianca Balti.

Fashion shoes 2023: the Nike Sneakers by Matilde Lucidi

In a sweet photo dump posted to Instagram, Bianca Balti showed some background experienced together with Matilde during the Paris Fashion Week. In one of the shots, mother and daughter pose in front of the mirror with two casual outfits. Impossible not to notice the pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 worn by the young woman.

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This is the Mid Brown version of the famous Nike shoes, characterized by a light brown suede base, with contrasting chocolate brown suede inserts. To match them, Matilde Lucidi opted for an outfit consisting of loose fit trousers in light denim and a hooded sweatshirt in a palette with shoes. Finally, she completed the look with a black leather jacket, one of the most popular accessories for the mid-season.

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