Caffeine Skin Care: Reduce Dark Circles and Rejuvenate Eyes

Swelling and lack of blood circulation are two big problems in your daily skin care routine. In the case of the face, these symptoms are closely related to:

dark circles. This is a very concerning issue and may have a genetic influence or be related to a lack of rest.

For whatever reason,

caffeine It is an indispensable ingredient in skin care. Its benefits are explained to us by pharmacist Piluca Barrau, by Esther López, CEO of the Ali d’Aria beauty salon, by Belén Acero, owner of Farmacia Avenida de América and specialist in dermatology, and by Rosa Roselló, who is responsible for the training of Druni.

“Caffeine is one of the active ingredients highly recommended when skin becomes dull, fatigue accumulates, dark circles deepen and eye bags swell,” explains pharmacist Belén Acero.The reason is “their

Decongestant and stimulant properties, blood and lymphatic microcirculation. When caffeine is applied topically to the thin skin around the eyes, caffeine easily penetrates the epidermis and stimulates microcirculation while reducing water retention, thereby reducing the appearance of eye bags.

Piluca Barrau explains that this is “a

Powerful antioxidant and vasoconstrictor. Its topical application can help reduce swelling, improve circulation, and combat skin fatigue. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for calming and softening the skin.

Belén Acero also emphasizes that caffeine “contains polyphenols with antioxidant properties that help

Prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. That’s why it’s important to include caffeine eye care in your beauty routine to instantly refresh your eyes and keep them brighter in the long term. He goes on to explain, “In addition to eye contouring, caffeine is often included in anti-cellulite products because it helps eliminate triglycerides by reactivating circulation and increasing the level of fat-burning molecules. Fat is stored in fat cells. In other words, it improves the appearance of cellulite skin and makes your skin firmer and smoother.

The eye area is the area of ​​the face that benefits the most from this ingredient. motivation?As Ari d’Aria’s Esther López explains, “The skin around the eyes is thin and fragile, which makes

prone to fluid retention and bloating. Caffeine acts as an anti-swelling agent by stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage. Additionally, it has properties that improve the appearance of dark circles, making it a great option for this area.Belén Acero also emphasized that “she

decongestant In the bag area it is well tolerated by all skin types except (almost).

We can find caffeine products

As experts have explained before, caffeine is found in high amounts in health supplements.

Treats dark circles and fights cellulite. Ali D’Aria Salon CEO Esther López explains: “Caffeine has become an important ingredient in serums, eye creams, lotions and body gels. Its lightweight texture and ability to penetrate deep into the skin make it a popular choice for those seeking a rejuvenated and rejuvenated complexion.” ideal product.”

Rosa Roselló, Director of Training at Druni, believes: “From eye contour to rejuvenation and lightening of dark circle areas,

drain liquidIn addition to improving blood microcirculation, even in anti-cellulite treatments, it is precisely because this drainage function helps stimulate lymphatic drainage that it helps to significantly improve the condition of cellulite and the appearance of cellulite skin.

According to experts, “It is commonly found in hair care products such as serums, shampoos or ampoules because it stimulates scalp circulation, which is why it is widely used

Promotes and encourages hair growth. Caffeine is often combined with minoxidil and its derivatives in hair care products. It’s also commonly found in many body scrubs to give them extra drainage.

active ingredients combined with caffeine

The combination of caffeine with other active ingredients enhances its effectiveness, explains pharmacist Piluca Barrau: “Caffeine is combined with hyaluronic acid to enhance the moisturizing effect and with plant extracts such as

Green tea and vitamin C to enhance its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. “These synergies can increase the effectiveness of the product and lead to more dramatic results.”

Belén Acero, owner of Avenida de América Pharmacy, agrees with vitamin C, as it’s “a powerful antioxidant that helps restore and maintain radiance, making it perfect for introducing into your beauty routine.” Experts also have a say about hyaluronic acid Same sentiment: “Highly hydrating, making it ideal for replenishing moisture in the skin, but also restoring skin and skin radiance.”

Promote collagen synthesis. Additionally, ingredients like niacinamide or ceramides are key to strengthening the skin’s protective barrier (thereby preventing transepidermal water loss) and skin lipid levels (i.e. fat). ” The pro concludes by stating, “Caffeine enhances the effects of many active ingredients. ”

The Ordinary 5% Caffeine Solution + EGCG

Ordinary Caffeine Eye Serum

In the form of eye contour serum,

5% Caffeine Solution + EGCG Reduces dark circles and eye bags while reducing puffiness. Its serum texture absorbs quickly and works effectively on the eye contour area. (€9.50)

Bipolar smart eye cream

bipolar caffeine eye cream

Smart eye cream It is an eye contour product that combines retinol and caffeine in the formula. Reduces the appearance of eye bags and dark circles and firms the eye contour area. It can be used in the morning and evening, always applying SPF protection during the day. Retinalization of the skin is also important. (Available from Druni, €43)

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift fillers

L’Oréal Paris Caffeine Eye Contour Cream

eye contour

Revitalift fillers Its formula combines caffeine with 2.5% hyaluronic acid. This serum rejuvenates your eyes while reducing the appearance of dark circles. It smoothes wrinkles, and its three-ball applicator lets you apply the product by massaging the area. (€21.50)

ROC multi-effect hydrating + plumping cream

ROC Caffeine Eye Cream

Multi-Correction Hydrate + Plump It is specially formulated for eye contouring to moisturize and fill the area. Hyaluronic acid, caffeine and peptides improve contours while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. (€27.90)

Mario Badescu Caffeine Eye Cream

Mario Badescu Caffeinated Eye Contour

Moisturizing and rejuvenating the eye contour area is key

caffeine eye cream. This product reduces dark circles and puffiness while deeply nourishing the area. (Available at Sephora, €20.99)

5% Caffeine + Green Tea from Democracy

Democracy Green Tea Caffeine Serum

The combination of green tea and caffeine is key

5% caffeine + green tea. A serum suitable for facial skin that decongests the skin while promoting blood circulation. It stands out for its powerful antioxidant effects. (Available from Druni, €19.99)

Caffeine 5% from Avenida de América Pharmacy

For eye contour,

5% caffeine Help activate eye microcirculation. It can also be used to eliminate cellulite defects and help improve the appearance of the skin. (€16.95)

Medik8 Advanced Daytime Eye Protection

Medik8 caffeine eye contour meter

Advanced daytime eye protection This is an eye contour product with SPF30 protection. Specially formulated for the eye area, it is especially effective around the eye area because of your thin skin type. Caffeine can combat swelling in the area. (€54)

Revox Pure Caffeine 5%

Revox Caffeine Serum

Contains only 5% caffeine It’s a serum that targets the eye contour and has powerful antioxidant properties. It reduces swelling while having a tightening effect and brightening the skin in the area. (€6.49)

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