Caleb Williams rocks LeBron James sneakers in 48-41 win over Buffs

NBA legend LeBron James continues to leave his mark on the world of sports. His influence now extends to college football. Athletes like Caleb Williams wear his signature gear with pride.

USC quarterback Caleb Williams stole the show in a pair of signature black LeBron James shoes – the “LeBron 4”. The eye-catching shoe choice certainly added an extra layer of flair to Williams’ on-court performance against the Bulls.

Led by Caleb William, the USC Trojans defeated the Colorado Buffaloes 48-41 in a hard-fought game. This further amplifies his eye-catching choice of cleats.

It’s now a trend for athletes to emulate LeBron James. This shows not only in their game but also in their style choices. LeBron is entering his 21st NBA season and his influence will continue to impact the next generation of athletes.

Caleb Williams leads USC offense against Buffalo

The atmosphere was electric before the game between the Colorado Buffaloes and USC Trojans. However, the Hornets suffered their second straight loss under head coach Deion Sanders. The Oregon Ducks defeated the high-flying Buffs in Week 4 by a score of 42-6. Obviously, before playing them, they were 3-0.

Caleb Williams has undoubtedly passed on the spirit of legends like Archie Griffin to the Buffs. The performance from USC’s No. 8 quarterback was a joy to watch. This certainly reinstates why he is considered a Heisman Trophy favorite.

Williams scored six touchdowns in a thrilling 48-41 victory over Colorado. Buffalo has struggled with the absence of key defensive players, especially star wide receiver Travis Hunter. The Hornets have now lost two games without Travis Hunter on the roster.

Colorado had no answer for the relentless offense led by Williams. Since the start of the season, USC has proven its offensive prowess under Williams. The Trojans scored quickly, and Williams delivered a masterclass game.

That included a spectacular 71-yard touchdown catch with Tahj Washington. Williams’ stat sheet showed 403 passing yards. Despite an interception late in the game, Williams made few mistakes in the game.

On the other end, Colorado’s Shedeur Sanders did his best, passing for 371 yards and four touchdowns. However, Williams is attracting all the attention not only for his talent on the court, but also for his choice of footwear – LeBron James cleats.

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