Camilla and Céline Dion the unexpected relationship

Queen (consort) of the United Kingdom and queen of the romantic-pop charts, Camilla and Celine Dion, an odd couple until you find the key that holds them together. And he also brings in Madonna, Justin Bieber, Canadian premier Justin Trudeau, Angelina Jolie, for the most improbable dinner among relatives that can be remembered. How do I pray? An alleged Christmas in a very extended family would envisage a plethora of VIPs of different nationalities at the Buckingham Palace table, all linked to the current queen consort Camilla, albeit decidedly distant (and at least the problem of who to invite to the coronation has been shelved). According to the searches of several sites specializing in distant genealogies such as ancestry and even society New England Historic Genealogical Society, operated over the years, the distant relationship between Camilla Shand and Céline Dion (plus the other VIPs) would date back to the seventeenth century with a French couple who emigrated to the then new world, Zacharie and Madeleine Cloutier, from which different branches would slowly develop up to the present day.

camilla celine dion kinship

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camilla celine dion kinship

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The searches had already been made known starting from the 2000s, when the fixation of the reconstruction of one’s genealogy and DNA was born, in search of distant identities and/or relatives of rank. But today there is a small turning point in the already established kinship between the sovereign wife and the nightingale of pop: after further research and insights, the site MyHeritage would have found thecommon ancestor of Queen Camilla and Céline Dion in a 17th-century master builder, Jean Guyon du Buisson, a French émigré in Québec. The two very different women would therefore be ninth cousins, as revealed by the documentary on the Canadian singer Céline Dion: une voix, un destin aired in France. Perhaps by virtue of this tenuous relationship Camilla will be able to ask a revived and (hopefully) recovered Céline Dion to perform at her and King Charles III’s coronation, after the alleged defections of Adele and Harry Styles. After all, you can ask relatives almost anything, right?

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