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From March 16 in Italian cinemas with Notorious Pictures The Honeymoon – How I ruin your honeymoon, the romance-tinged action-comedy written and directed by Dean Craig (director of the hit Netflix film “A Love and a Thousand Weddings”). The plot follows a newlywed couple and a nightmarish third wheel, the groom’s best friend, who end up smuggling drugs for a glamorous crime boss during their honeymoon in Venice.

The Honeymoon – Plot and cast

The official plot: “The Honeymoon – How I ruin your honeymoon” tells the story of Adam, recently married to Sarah. After the wedding, the couple is ready to hit the road for their honeymoon. Their destination is Italy, namely the romantic Venice. The newlyweds’ trip, however, is abruptly interrupted by Adam’s best friend, Bav. The latter seems to need attention at the wrong time and will greatly hinder the couple, turning their dream trip into a real nightmare.

In the cast Maria Bakalova, already nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actress for “Borat – subsequent movie film”, Pico Alexander (from the successful TV series “The Carrie Diaries” and “Blue Bloods”, among others), Asim Chaudhry and Lucas bravo.

The Honeymoon – Trailer and video

Trivia about the movie

  • “The Honeymoon” is a co-production between Italy (Notorious Pictures) and the United Kingdom (Tempo Productions).
  • The team that supported director Dean Craig behind the scenes included cinematographer Mike Stern Sterzynski, production designer Francesco Scandale, editor Stefano Petrucci and costume designer Uliva Pizzetti.
  • Shooting included locations in the most evocative and iconic places in Venice, from the classic Piazza San Marco, the Grand Canal and the Bridge of Sighs, to glimpses of Campo San Giovanni e Paolo, the island of San Giorgio and Campo San Vio, with the historical-artistic marvels of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco and the Benetto Marcello Conservatory, extending into the province of Padua on the Euganean Hills in the splendid Villa Cavalli di Teolo.

Director’s notes

For my second film as writer/director, I was fortunate enough to reunite with my incredible partners at Notorious Pictures and Tempo Productions, who, as producers, are always supportive, professional and with whom I am immensely pleased to work. In addition to shooting in Rome again, we had the phenomenal opportunity to shoot much of the film in Venice. A visual spectacle from any angle you look at it, Venice is a filmmaker’s dream. We were also fortunate to assemble a talented young cast, including Maria Bakalova, Pico Alexander, Asim Chaudhry and Lucas Bravo. Together we crafted a film that was designed to deliver an irresistibly entertaining experience of romance, comedy, and action, all amidst breathtaking scenery, to create the funniest honeymoon possible. But it’s also a film about friendship and lifelong loyalty and I think the emotional resonance of this theme and the relationships between the characters shine through in their performances. Ultimately, at a time when we all need some cheer, I hope and believe that audiences around the world will find plenty of it by watching The Honeymoon. (Dean Craig)

Dean Craig – Biographical notes

Dean Craig is a British screenwriter and director who lives in Los Angeles. His film career took off in 2007 when he wrote the hit British comedy Funeral Party, starring Matthew Macfadyen, Keeley Hawes and Peter Dinklage and directed by Frank Oz. The film won several Audience Awards for Best Picture, including from the HBO Comedy Festival and the prestigious Locarno International Film Festival. Critical and commercial success (#1 box office hit in several countries) led to a US remake directed by Neil Labute, with an all-star cast including Chris Rock, Zoe Saldana, Martin Lawrence, Danny Glover, James Marsden, Tracy Morgan and (again) Peter Dinklage. Craig has spent more than a decade writing and producing successful feature films such as Caffeine, starring Mena Suvari and Katherine Heigl, Three Men and a Sheep starring Rebel Wilson and Olivia Newton John (and its sequel, Three Men and a Coffin), Moonwalkers, with Rupert Grint and Ron Perlman, Carrie Pilby with Bel Powley and Gabriel Byrne, My Stupid Dog with Charlotte Gainsbourg, as well as creating and writing two television series: the BBC comedy Off The Hook with Jonathan Bailey and Hit The Road, with Jason Alexander. In 2020, Craig focused on directing and writing his debut film Love Wedding Repeat. The film, whose cast included Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn, Freida Pinto, Tim Key and Aisling Bea, was the No. 1 on Netflix in the US, UK and internationally. In 2021, Craig wrote and directed The Honeymoon, starring Maria Bakalova and Asim Chaudhry, and just finished directing The Estate, starring Toni Collette, Anna Faris, Kathleen Turner and David Duchovny, which is slated for a worldwide release in 2023.

The Honeymoon – The soundtrack

  • The original music of the film is by the composer Andrew Warconducted by Luca Salvadori, orchestrated by Andrea Guerra, Luca Salvadori, Paolo Annunziato and performed by the Roma Film Orchestra.

The Honeymoon – Photos and Posters

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