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Louis Tomlinson. All of those voicesfilm directed by Charlie Lightening, is a documentary focused on the musical journey of Louis Tomlinson, an intimate, but no-nonsense insight into not only his career, but also his life. Through never-before-seen “homemade” footage and backstage footage from its sold-out 2022 world tour, the film allows fans to experience from a unique perspective what it means to be a musician today in a world that goes fast and never stops. think.
From the high points of a superstar’s life to the low points of personal tragedy, the film tells a story not only of music, but also of resilience and determination. A journey through the life of Louis, who as a member of the band One Direction chose to embark on the direction of soloist, in a journey during which he had to face various challenges and also found himself celebrating many triumphs. Following the release of his debut album, “Walls”, and “Faith In The Future” in 2022, the film delves into Louis’ private life, showing his audience a side of him they’ve never seen, experienced strained by the pressures of fame and the weight of her voice.

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