Campovolo and Harry Styles ‘will be a real test on the way to international status’

Reggio Emilia, June 29, 2023 – Davide Caiti, partner and public relations manager of C-Volo (consisting of 7 companies that funded, built and operated the Rcf Arena under an agreement until 2035), the Italia Loves Romagna concert was a success.

Arena Rcf in Campovolo and David Caiti, member of C-Volo

Arena Rcf in Campovolo and David Caiti, member of C-Volo

“Yes. For us, this has become a source of pride for the charitable goal in favor of the flooded population of Romagna. This event has a lot of positive implications and undoubtedly Rai’s live broadcast was an important message for the city of Reggio.”

Can we also define this as a restart of the RCF Arena, which has so far been in a difficult position compared to its widely stated ambitions?

“I wouldn’t call it a restart as the actual launch phase hasn’t ended yet. We can say that 2023 is the year of a real departure: let’s not forget that it was only in April 2022 that we had such an opportunity, thanks to the pandemic, to materialize the events (Ligabue and UnaUna Centomila, Ed) is already scheduled for 2019.”

So will 2024 be the springboard?

“It is premature to talk about this, we still have events until the end of 2023, but we are working on the next year. Obviously, the intention is to improve the schedule both in terms of the number of events and their size. more international artists.”

Here at international artists, you have been criticized. Suffice it to mention one thing: “Bruce Springsteen is going to Ferrara, and here…”

“…while Harry Styles, the international star, will arrive in Reggio on July 22nd, making his first ever appearance at the Rcf Arena. Managers don’t always choose the artists, but it’s often the artists who choose the seats. This is wrong. enough to advance, there they need months or years to become famous. At the moment, little is known about the system in the international world of music, but in time we will get to it, as we did with the Italian panorama: in these two years, all the most important singers of the national level have entered our stage, which has always responded well to the needs producers.”

Harry Styles will host the first concert organized by Live Nation.

“This is definitely a good test bed for us and the biggest reality of music production in the world. And it can help us attract more and more international artists. The RCF Arena is unique in Europe for many reasons.”

For example?

“Whether it is a stadium like the San Siro in Milan or the Circus Maximus in Rome, our structure has economic and logistical advantages because it is already equipped. In addition, there are many things that are not visible or stand out: for example, even at concerts, 80,000 people have never had problems connecting to mobile phones. It seems trivial, but it doesn’t happen anywhere else.”

In your opinion, how did the city react?

“Well, soon we will reveal the economic data on the consequences for the territory, which is very important. I think the city is beginning to understand the added value of the Arena. Then we can’t all agree: there are those who want less chaos, those who don’t want to queue for a meter, and who prefer more activities. But it’s like that everywhere.”

And then there’s the little color dispute over Campovolo, which many say is a place to the detriment of Reggio’s territorial marketing.

“It’s kind of like an Achilles’ heel. I think it’s time to start calling it by its name: Rcf Arena and Iren Green Park. I understand this affection, it’s a bit like the Giglio or San Siro stadium in Milan itself, which is actually Giuseppe Meazza’s call, as well as the question of how to communicate well about the venue of the event, so much so that the flyers had the inscription ” Campovolo”. But it’s time to clear it up. However, I also have to say that compared to what it was a year ago, people are getting used to it.”

Is it true that you are considering asking Friends & Partners – the company of Ferdinando Salzano, the manager of the greatest Italian artists – to give up exclusive management of the RCF Arena events in order to give more momentum to the schedule?

“This is bar talk… Friends&Partners, as well as the Riservarossa company of Claudio Maioli, manager of Ligabue, have the exclusive right and obligation to manage the area. They do their job well. C.Volo is working with them to improve the program of events at the RCF Arena.”

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