Cam’ron spits freestyle and gets LeBron James’ seal of approval

Camron is now a full-time sports reporter, but even though he’s in a different zone, his inner rapper continues to surface.

On Thursday (November 30), the Dipset MC shared a clip from his show, That’s itwhich saw him drop some bars filled with sports references.

“Having a band in the living room so we don’t have to go to Utah to watch the Jazz game,” he captioned the video, alluding to a line from the impromptu performance.

It’s unclear if this was pre-written or rehearsed, but none of that stopped people from showing him some love.

“Stop playing with them!!” LeBron James commented, while Paul Pierce added: “Yeah, awesome.”

Killer Mike, Jermaine Dupri and YG are among many others who have been impressed by the 47-year-old’s rap skills.

Cam’ron and Ma$e have been thriving in the sports media space, in large part because they can speak and act freely on their platforms.

As a result, they can be considered some of the most unhinged and unserious material in showbiz.

Earlier this week, the pair continued one of their recurring talking points by opening up about an explicit encounter they had with a call girl early in their careers.

In an episode at the end of November That’s itCam left no stone unturned when reliving the threesome the two rappers had with another woman at the time.

Cam'ron Asks Ma$e About 50 Cents He 'Made Off' in 'Window Shopper' Video

Cam’ron Asks Ma$e About 50 Cents He ‘Made Off’ in ‘Window Shopper’ Video

“Well, we’re gangbanging bitches,” he said, laughing. “I remember one time – don’t get me talking about the past – we were in this brothel with Murda. So we left that bitch outside the brothel. I had one between Seventh Street and Lennox Little storage room, we brought this bitch in there.

“Ma$e’s on the rise, he’s on the rise, he didn’t make his deal, but it’s about to happen. We got this bitch in Harlem sucking—pardon me, ladies—sucking his dick, so I gotta wait My cock is being sucked because I’m not hard yet, pause.”

Cam continued, “So when he was done hitting, I went to the head. He hit from behind. He started hitting her, ‘You didn’t suck my cock like that.’ “Yeah, that’s my n-gga.”

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