The court said Kirkman told police he had just tested positive for hepatitis C when he spat at them

A Corkman man spat at police officers on Mary Elms Bridge, telling them he had just tested positive for hepatitis C.

Sergeant Pat Lyons described the incident, for which the culprit, Dean Seery, was sentenced for this and a series of other offences. Judge Mary Dogan sentenced him to a total of five months in prison.

His lawyer, Diane Hallahan, said that while Mr Seeley made the comment to police that day, it was not actually true, and Ms Hallahan said police later admitted it was not true.

Sheriff Pat Lyons said the defendant was found to be in an intoxicated state and endangered just before 10am on June 5.

“When informed of his arrest, Mr Seeley stated that he had tested positive for hepatitis C and spat in the direction of police officers. He was transported to Bridewell Garda Station,” Sgt Lyons said.

Judge Dogan asked whether police officers had to be tested after the incident. Sgt Lyons said they did not do this because the spitting was in their direction but no contact was made.

As well as pleading guilty to the Mary Elms Bridge incident, Dean Seery, of Anderson Quay, Cork’s Simon community, also admitted other offenses during this period. Ms Hallahan said the offenses were committed while he was in the throes of a serious drug addiction.

In terms of shoplifting offences, he stole €177 worth of clothing from Elvery’s in Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork, on February 27, stole €23 worth of vodka from Aldi at The Elysian on the same day, and at Paul Tesco stole wine worth €21. The next day, March 8, a bottle of vodka for €20 was purchased at Dunnes Stores on St Patrick’s Street, and finally a €115 tracksuit was purchased at Lifestyle Sports on St Patrick’s Street.

On June 26, 2022, he was found in Q car park, Sharman Crawford Street, Cork, with heroin for his own use. The same defendant was recently sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment at Cork Circuit Criminal Court for drug dealing.

Dean Seery admitted possessing for sale or supply diamorphine (heroin) worth €9,000 at St Patrick’s Quay, Cork, on 6 August 2022. In this case, the heroin seized at St. Patrick’s Pier was worth €9,000.

The sentencing also relates to an incident on August 7, 2022, in which he sold or supplied cocaine worth €3,000.

“I hope you will get some help while you are in prison to put your offending behind you,” Judge Dogan told the defendant, who appeared via video link from prison, after imposing a total of five months’ sentence at the District Court. “.

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