Can you find the missing number in 10 seconds?

There is something that has an irrevocable attraction for us digital challenge, especially if there’s a timer, or to show how awake you are. ¿Can you find the missing numbers in this brainteaser challenge in 10 seconds?

This is not a complicated challenge and there are no tricks.Sooner or later everyone will solve this problem because It just looks at a list of numbers.. But can you solve this quick challenge in less than ten seconds?

There are two ways to do this: The most straightforward way is to search the number directly in the list, or another smarter and faster way. The first one may take more than 10 seconds. The second is the practice of awakening. Can you find her?

Find missing numbers in a list from 1 to 100

This digital challenge appeared on X just 5 days ago, and Has accumulated 3.4 million views. So it was a huge success.

You can see it in the opening photo of the news, but you can also see it here:

The challenge is simple. We have a list from 1 to 100, but a few numbers are missing. Can you find them in 10 seconds? It can be done one by one, but it will take a long time. If you get the hang of it, it only takes 5 seconds to do.

If you pay attention, List from 1 to 100 organized in rows with 9 numbers in each row. This is the first clue…

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What happens if you add 9 to the number? This is the second one… indeed, If you add 9, the last digit is the smaller unit. For example:

We saw Each addition to the last number removes one unit. This is key to solving numerical challenges.

Since the list is organized in 9 × 9 rows, the last number should be listed downwards.but This doesn’t happen twice.:

Number puzzle

let’s see how In rows four and ten, no units are lost. This means there are no 9 numbers there.So one is missing.Checking the line we see they are missing 33 on the fourth line, and 88 In the tenth. If you solved the problem in 10 seconds… congratulations!

It’s a mental challenge that makes you feel good if you pass the test, but makes you feel frustrated when you discover the solution because you didn’t realize it. This is how digital challenges work!

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