Canary Islands government requests UME reinforcements to contain fires in Tenerife

The Military Emergency Unit (UME) has dispatched several 100 professionals and 34 means They participated in fighting the forest fire in Tenerife all was announced last tuesday Alafur and Candelaria have affected six cities. According to the Ministry of National Defense, UME dispatched six fire trucks and two motherships to extinguish the fire in the northeast region, and also sent drones to monitor the front of the fire. In the afternoon, an increase in these forces is expected to continue the extermination work.

The device shows that the nighttime evacuations of the city of El Rosario are continuing, with the exception of the Las Barreras neighbourhood, the evacuation of El Preventorio Street has been ordered from the TF-24 intersection to Las Barreras Recreational district.Precautionary evacuation of some neighborhoods Agua Mansa, Pinolaire and Upper FloridaThe city of La Orotava reported that the town insisted it was a precautionary evacuation before the smoke spread. The Kiquila pavilion was opened to house evacuees, while the open shelter for evacuees in Arafo changed location due to the fire’s development and moved to San Isidro-El Rosario Chorillo Gymnasium.

bad air

he Government of the Canary Islands Poor air quality warning Guimar, Arafo, Candelaria and El Rosario Smoke from fire.This is done by a mixture of gas and small particles Gases emitted from the burning of vegetation and other materials.Therefore, the executive recommends that affected populations avoiding being outside and engaging in vigorous or prolonged physical activity. It also recommends closing doors and windows, putting the air conditioner on recirculation mode if you have one, and cleaning the filters.Recommended for outdoor use FFP2 mask To avoid respiratory problems and to protect your eyes as much as possible, wash your eyes out if necessary.

Sensitive and high-risk groups are those with the following medical conditions, the government warns Previous respiratory or heart diseasesuch as asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema; Children, pregnant women, older adults, and those who engage in strenuous physical activity. Possible symptoms include coughing; irritation of the eyes, nose, or throat; shortness of breath, chest discomfort, palpitations, fatigue; worsening symptoms in people with previous respiratory or heart problems.


the fire started around Tuesday night at 11:30 The Arafó mountain range in the south of Tenerife and has spread to the cities of Candelaria, El Rosario, La Victoria, Santa Ursula and La Orotava, the latter three in the north of the island .Based on last night’s latest estimates, the affected area is The area is 1,800 hectares, and the circumference of the fire is 22 kilometerssome of which are located in very steep areas without access to air and land resources.

they did some work at night 200 soldiers One of its purposes is to contain fires and prevent them from spreading to populated areas. From 8:30 local time, in addition to the one seaplane that arrived yesterday afternoon, 17 other air resources are expected to be engaged.

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