cancel Heels, Run The World and Blindspotting

The US cable network has also dropped the new series Samantha Bird’s Venice, which has already entered production.

The fallout from the long-running writers’ strike, which appears to be finally coming to an end thanks to a pending agreement between the WGA and Hollywood producers, is also affecting the cable network. Starz. The network has canceled three of its flagship series. heels, Rule the world AND Blind spot – and abandoned the project that had already entered production, Veneria by Samantha Bird.

Heels, Run The World and Blindspotting will not have a third season

heels, Rule the world AND Blind spot they all end after just two seasons. heels, which received critical acclaim, told the story of men and women chasing their dreams in the world of small-town professional wrestling. The drama takes place in a tight-knit Georgia community. The story centers on a family wrestling promotion featuring two rival brothers (played by Stephen Ammell AND Alexander Ludwig) fought to decide which of the two should follow in the footsteps of their late father. The series is stalled despite the season two finale leaving several stories unfinished.

Definite one Sex and the City more inclusive and created Lee Davenport, Rule the world is a comedy that follows the lives of four thirtysomething friends who live and love Harlem, a neighborhood in Manhattan in New York City known as a major cultural and commercial center for the African-American community. In the cast Amber StevensWest, Bresha Webb, Corbin Reid, Tosin Morohunfola, Stephen Bishop, Andrea Bordo and others.

Blind spotdramatic spin-off of the 2018 film of the same name starring David Diggscontinued Ashley’s story (again played Jasmine Cephas Jones). Struggling for a middle-class life in Auckland, a woman faced a crisis when, following the arrest of her partner and the father of her child, she was forced to move in with the man’s mother and half-sister.

‘Samantha Bird’s Venice’ starring Cathering Langford isn’t moving forward

Ordered about a year ago and created Anna Moriarty, Veneria by Samantha Bird psychological thriller of 8 episodes. Former star of the TV series “Thirteen” Katherine Langford she played the Samantha Bird of the title, a young woman who, while visiting her family in New England, rediscovers her childhood crush and throws herself headlong into a seemingly perfect love story that seems straight out of a storybook. . But beneath the surface lies a disturbing secret. The series went into production several months ago, but production was suspended due to strikes in May last year with just two episodes left to film.

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