Car Tour star uses Michael Jordan and Bubba Wallace examples to slam Taylor Swift’s NFL example

How to judge the popularity of a Hollywood artist? Is it the number of awards an artist has received or the number of followers on a social media platform? Well, the answer could be many, depending on the individual. However, growing popularity often seems to have deleterious effects and anger the masses. Well, Car Tour star Landon Hoffman’s latest tweet seems to assert that.

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The latest topic of debate to cause uproar among fans in the sports world is the latest NFL game and the appearance of Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift in the game. The artist seems to be at odds with most NFL fans, which also includes most NASCAR insiders. As a result of the ongoing banter, the Racing Tour driver attempted to use his example to address the controversy surrounding Swift’s broadcast between races.

Car Tour star driver Landon Hoffman teases fans online


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Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park was filled with cheering fans Sunday for the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs game. Amid raucous cheers, Taylor Swift sat on the edge of her seat in the luxury box, watching her boyfriend Tavis Kelce compete for the AFC Championship. When Kelce’s final touchdown put the team up 20-17, the camera panned over to the pop star in the end zone. This is not the first time such an incident has occurred.

The pop star’s image has been the source of endless bickering among fans while the match is still ongoing. Even stock car circuit driver Landon Huffman expressed frustration with the constant presence of “anti-hero” singers at every game in Kansas City. I tweeted, “I’m tired of watching Taylor Swift in the NFL on TV.” One disgruntled fan wrote in response to the tweet: “This baffles me to no end. “She’s the most famous person in the world. “

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Rather than remain silent and end his comments, the driver settled the argument by drawing an analogy between Michael Jordan and his fellow NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. Hoffman replied: “That doesn’t guarantee the cameras will be on her between every catch and touchdown. Are they going to show Michael Jordan in the pit every time Bubba throws a pass down the field? No, but if they do Now, don’t you think it’s going to get worse over the course of each week’s broadcast?”

However, Huffman also claimed that the tweet was not in any sense a hatred of Taylor Swift, but rather an overuse of Swift’s appearance on camera during the game in Kansas City.

While a portion of NFL supporters seem angry about Swift’s constant broadcast appearances, the majority are avid supporters of the singer appearing on the big screen. One of them is former Cup Series driver Kenny Wallace.

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Kenny Wallace seizes opportunity to slam anti-Swift fans

The driver with his unique sense of humor and quirky personality doesn’t shy away from expressing his inner Swift. Driver posted a brief video on Twitter slamming the haters and their criticism of the singer’s appearance. I have already said, You said they showed Taylor Swift. I’m going to tell you why they show Taylor Swift. “

“When you make television, they have a production team. There’s a guy called the director. The director directs his people. They’ll say Three, show Taylor Swift, give her Three. You have to go Go to the director and ask why Taylor Swift should be cast? Most likely, the director will say that eight people like Taylor Swift and only two people don’t like her. So the people who are shouting are in the minority, but But it was loud.”


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There is no denying that Taylor Swift is one of the most famous people in the world. However, her presence on NFL broadcasts doesn’t stop her from being beaten by fans.

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