Cardi B really loves Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt


Cardi B came for the hot wings and ended up sharing, “Who knew?” News.

While performing on “First We Feast,” released Thursday, the rapper ate hot wings during an interview.

She talked about her views on aliens (she doesn’t believe in aliens), how she rates her wigs (one might be “cute” and another “fraud”), and her dislike of clean versions of her songs ( “Scammer”). So annoying.”)

But it was her open love for the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor Roosevelt that raised some eyebrows.

The topic came up when host Sean Evans asked Cardi B about inviting David Letterman for a cheese sandwich in 2022.

— Do you have good memories of this? asked Evans. “This is an amazing cultural moment to witness.”

“That’s not even my favorite part,” she replied.

“I don’t even care,” she said. “What stuck with me for a long time was being in Roosevelt’s house.”

It turns out that the “WAP” artist made history, including the former president and his first lady.

“If somebody loves me, knows me, knows that I love Roosevelt,” she said. “And I love Eleanor Roosevelt.”

She then talked about some historical facts, including that Roosevelt was the only US president to be elected four times and how he helped the country get through the Great Depression “while he was in a wheelchair.” (Roosevelt was paralyzed from the waist down after a bout of polio.)

Cardi B said she enjoyed visiting Eleanor Roosevelt’s house, where she lived apart from her husband, because, in the rapper’s words, “Roosevelt’s mom, she was always around, and (Eleanor) isn’t really like that.”

“Eleanor wanted her own space,” the star said. “Like me, I need my space all the time.”

She said she was “obsessed” with World War II and wanted to know everything about it.

The History Channel noticed and posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, “Looks like you could have a history-making career in your future @iamcardib,” which she shared by writing, “OMGGG.”

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