Cardi B says she uses homemade oil and boiled onion water to grow out her hair.

Cardi B could quickly become the champ of beauty hacks on TikTok, the social platform where DIY has taken pride of place in beauty treatments. On Wednesday, the rapper shared a photo on X (formerly Twitter) of her posing in front of a mirror with her long hair straightened. “My hair has grown so much!!!” wrote as a description to the picture. “Let me know if you want a video of my HOMEMADE hair oil… made by ME!” This isn’t the first time Cardi B has shared her homemade beauty secrets for healthy hair. Last year on Instagram, the rapper revealed that she has been using boiled onion water for 6 years to help her hair grow faster and healthier. Now on another social media platform, Cardi B is revealing another ally to her beauty routine to fans.

Some netizens immediately accused her of wanting to sell hair products, stating that “a Hispanic woman selling ‘hair growth oil’ to black women is misleading,” but the rapper immediately responded, clarifying that she didn’t want to sell anything, but that I “showed my fans the hair growth path since 2016.” Cardi B later added a message in response with a series of photos of her as a child, teenager, and adult, first with consistently short hair, and then with her current long mane. The rapper wanted to show fans that she is not genetically predisposed to hair growth, reinforcing her thesis that she would reward the use of her “homemade” products.

On the other hand, rapper Kash Doll showed a lot of interest in the products that Cardi B used. “Give me the f**k of all the products lol,” the rapper wrote. “Girl, come to my house…” answered Cardi B, “I myself will wash your hair with boiled onion water and make you a mask for your hair, and let my aunt dry it for you… But (I will offer you) also alcohol and food! !!”.

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