Cardi B threw a microphone at a fan who threw her a drink

From the stage of the concert in Las Vegas, Cardi B entertains the audience with a hit Bodak Yellowuntil a fan from the audience raises a glass, takes aim and throw away the drink to your idol. The rapper, annoyed, reacts and throw the mic towards the guilty, who is also the addressee of incomprehensible words, accompanied by unambiguous expressions of contempt. video about the incident, which went viral, show all the stages of the event, from the alarm of Cardi B to the intervention of the security team to remove the fan.


The episode is the last manifestation a disturbing trend of beating performers on stage during their performances. Among the recent victims is Harry Styles, was hit in the eye by an object thrown at full speed, but he’s not the only one. Last month, a cell phone hit the singer in the face. Baby Rexwho received three stitches in the hospital. A few days later, a passer-by fled from the security service and he gave a slap Ava Max with such cruelty that it scratched the inside of the artist’s eye. Recently, a passer-by threw away his mother’s ashes toward Pink, horrified. There is now an uprising movement among artists against disrespect, led by Adele, who told the facts on the occasion of the Las Vegas residency: “Have you noticed how people have forgotten about concert etiquette these days? People just throw shit on stage, have you seen them? he joked before activating the T-shirt shooter.

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Harry Styles was shot in the eye during a concert in Vienna


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