Carmen Maura’s behavior in some parts of her films surprised Penelope Cruz.

Vierne, October 13, 2023, 07:25

“I’d rather say it to myself and say how good it is, rather than say it and say it better,” said Carmen Maura with roundness and a complicit smile in front of a stunned Pablo Motos. The 78-year-old actress is perfect and has great energy. The “trick” to staying in shape is revealed: “heavy weights and water aerobics.” Another secret to the veteran performer’s good health is work. “It is never a paradox and, by the way, it is never subtle. I also have bad films. For the roll, sir, the same as for the descocido. I always thought it was better to work hard because otherwise it gets you down,” he said.

The actress came to El Hormigero to present My Other John. “I’m very proud of this film because the time has come, and it’s time, but it’s not a time of pain, it’s a time of emotion, and that’s very good,” he said from director Paco Arango’s belt. Also, if it is a profitable trip. “Everything that is known about the film refers to the Aladina Fundación, which takes care of children with cancer and their families, because it is very good that the fund does what it also takes care of children and fathers, who are very much for us complex world,” he explained. And it was clear that your confidence in the width was complete. “I think this movie will leave its mark and that’s what I like most about movies, to tell you the truth. He passed me by a little girl, I always wanted to be a taquilera, and I said to Pedro (Almodóvar), like Brom, “Go sell it when you walk in the door, yeah,” and I said I want to be like Lina Morgan. , who Iban Enteros buses in Werl. This is what I like to do in business. In general, since this is pasta, then the saying can be like this: the producer is happy even in the cinema bar… With everything,” he reasoned. After the discussion, he repeated this, making a very realistic statement. “If the film is very good, but there are no Gods, then you can… And that’s why I have copies for friends when I have films elsewhere,” he said.

It is logical that Maura has attended numerous premieres of her works, although at the moment she does not really like them. “You’re with a team and you have to disguise yourself, and she’s a little difficult, but she’s a good actress. I know you know, and usually when you have a project from the entire global team, they say it’s very good. And when I’m in public, I ask myself questions in my eyes, because I watch the movie three times… I ask myself questions, leave notes and what harms me, and meditate. And when someone comes home, I leave and say goodbye. Always have this. When he told Penelope (Cruz) about it, he didn’t believe it. This is the only way to relax.”

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