Carnival Row 3, no third season: why cancelled

Carnival Row 3 will not be there

It won’t Carnival Row 3. The TV series starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne on Prime Video ends after two seasons. The news was released by Jeff Bezos’ streaming platform in conjunction with the announcement that the second – and final – season would debut on the service from February 17th. After a wait of more than three years, the series is back on the screens of Prime subscribers to tell the latest chapter in the saga of Vignette and Philo. Why did Amazon decide to close the series?

Because Carnival Row was cancelled

In an interview with Colliders, Orlando Bloom confirmed widespread suspicion that he blamed complications from the global pandemic for closing Carnival Row after just two seasons. In fact, filming of season 2 was almost completed when the spread of Covid-19 forced the sets around the world to interrupt activities.

Honestly, there was never a planned idea of ​​how long – how many seasons – the series would last,” said Bloom, explaining that the prolonging lockdown allowed the production to decide to “bring home a phenomenal season finale with the material we have, and then put in a great epilogue”. According to Bloom, the forced interruption of filming was an opportunity – for the producers of the series – to take stock of the future of the series. The decision they arrived at is that – rather than not being able to give a worthy ending to the series if the third season was not confirmed – it was better to close the story of Carnival Row when the series was still at the top.

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The production of the series – headed by Marc Guggenheim and Travis Beacham – has therefore opted to conclude the story of Carnival Row with the second season, so that they can conclude the story of Vignette and Philo in exactly the way they had imagined.

The extended shutdowns — combined with the extensive use of special effects — meant that production on the second season was taking much longer than expected, Bloom explained. “We returned to Prague after maybe six months, but with the special effects that needed to be added, it was in many ways for the bettersaid the actor, who welcomed daughter Daisy Dove with partner Katy Perry during his time away from set. Bloom’s new paternity — who also has a son with ex Miranda Kerr — led the actor to take a break from filming the second season. Despite the long wait for the final episodes, Orlando Bloom says he is very proud of the final result.

In an interview published in September four (!) years ago, close to the debut of the series on Prime Video, Marc Guggenheim revealed that he and Travis Beacham were already discussing how the story could have evolved into a third and fourth season of Carnival Row. At the time the series had already been confirmed for a second cycle of episodes before even debuting, and the two executive producers had full confidence in a course of the series that would lead them to pull the milestone of the four seasons.

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