Case green, Ceccardi (Lega), left demolishes Italian heritage to chase green ultras

(AGENPARL) – Tue, March 14, 2023 Case green, Ceccardi (Lega), the left demolishes Italian assets to chase green ultras
Strasbourg, 14 March – “It would be wonderful if we all had large, efficient and wonderful houses. But everything has a cost, and today’s choice of the majority of the European Parliament puts this meaningless decision on the wallet of Italians. In fact, despite the 216 votes against, including the blockade by the League, the Strasbourg plenary gave the green light to the live broadcast on green houses. The problem is always the same: the Pd-M5s axis, reinvigorated by the election of Elly Schlein, has once again indulged in the will of the climate ultras. That to remove the mote, the houses of the Italians lose the beam, or rather the large Chinese and Indian multinationals that buy gas and coal from Russia. While here, therefore, to reduce pollution by zero point, they put their hands in people’s pockets, on the other side of the world they laugh at it by polluting and exporting like crazy. Once again the left is in the interests of a few extremists and, like Nutriscore or the blockade of the automotive industry, votes against Italy and the Italians”.
Thus in a note Susanna Ceccardi, MEP of the League.

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Press release

Company crisis: Cnf, Ministry of Justice accepts our proposals

Rome, March 14, 2023

“The solution, indicated by the Ministry of Justice, is good
unlock the standstill related to the peopling
of the register of crisis managers of

This was stated by the president of the National Bar Council, Maria Masi who continues:
“with the circular issued yesterday, March 13, via Arenula incorporates the proposals of
modification that the National Forensic Council av
eva has long been solicited in the
interlocutions that have taken place in recent months. The enlargement of the period
time frame for enrollment in the register, stability
or from the ministry’s circular

therefore that the professionals who have the two useful assignments

for enrollment in the register of
business crisis managers even after 16 March 2019 and up to
arriving on the date of July 15, 2022 can be admitted. This allows the

as requested by the CNF in the last meeting
or February 21 with the
Deputy Minister of Justice, Francesco Paolo Sisto and representatives of the office
legislative and the Dag of via Arenula

to assert, for the purposes of registration, the assignments
received by the court as trustee, judicial commissioner

or liquidator in the
procedures envisaged in the crisis and insolvency code, even if later
the entry into force of article 356 of the crisis code”.

“Regarding the mandatory six-month internship

explains Masi

the CNF had
he expressed his perplexities during the ministerial interlocution stating

the internship, as declined, does not respond to the experiential needs that
intend to pursue and contains in a nutshell a paradox inherent in the fact that also
long-time ionists, they will have to wait for the internship to be carried out, it is not possible
exclude, among less experienced professionals. Without considering the evanescence of
perimeter of the very concept of internship. It must then necessarily be remedied
ave contradiction between article 356 and article 76, aligning the two rules that
as they were issued they are in clear antithesis to each other.

Also, in the circular is
It has been reaffirmed that the entities providing initial training that are orders
Professionals will have to sign an agreement with a university for
the organization of the courses, which clashes with the ex lege nature of the training body of the
National Bar Council”, concludes Masi.

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