Where to put the Oscar after winning it

They call you on stage, they deliver it to you, they take the usual photos of you and then you take it home. And here comes the decision to make: now where do I put the Oscar? Probably most of the winners keep it in full view in the living room, above a fireplace or in a display case.

For example, it did Lupita Nyong’owinner of the Best Supporting Actress statuette in 2014 for “12 years a slave“, who created a shelf just for him in the living room. He put it there too Reese WitherspoonBest Actress in 2005 for “When love burns the soul”, although he confessed that he initially thought about turning the prize into a little man to knock on the door.

Tom Hanks he keeps his awards on the bookshelf, along with other family trophies and some soccer cups won by his sons. She once confessed that nearby there is also a statuette dedicated to the “best mom in the world”. Jennifer Lawrence he gave it to his parents who live in Kentucky and they keep it on the piano, the same choice by the way – that of the parents – also made by Emma Stone.

Kate Winslet he opted for the bathroom, so guests no longer ask him to take pictures with the figurine in hand. Catherine Zeta-Jones took him to his home in Bermuda while Jamie Foxx he asked his agent to keep it for him, justifying the choice on the grounds that he was particularly messy.

Natalie Portman claims he can’t remember where he is while Gwyneth Paltrow she admitted to keeping it hidden from her view: “it’s in the back of my bookcase in my bedroom, because it makes me uncomfortable and freaks me out. For some reason I am not able to feel calm when I see it. I feel embarrassed and it evokes traumatic emotions in me. It is associated with a bad time in my life“.

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