Caves, magic and water show Police acrobatics among bathers

Nicolo Moricci

Ferragosto in friendship, the one that is celebrated on the beaches of Ancona. At the Passetto, toasts and greetings start early in the morning, with snacks and sweets that each bather has bought or brought from home. There was the delicious Morena pie, the Silvano blackberry, Signora Gighina’s macaroons, and the delicacies of Franca, Stefania and Lillo. Simonetta Foschi and Giorgio Bartolucci diluted the atmosphere with wine and laughter, recalling among the emotions of the audience Passetto Mayor Errante Regni, the historic owner of Jujube, who passed away a few months ago.

Laid tables at the grottoes, near the papal chair, between the stands of the state police, which gave an idea of ​​the waters in front of the lift. In fact, about 10 Ancona police station agents descended on the beach, escorting the number one on Via Gervasoni, Cesare Capocaca. The manager, having passed among the sunbeds to greet the bathers and wish them a happy mid-August, directed an amazingly revealing operation. Beside him are uniformed angels who watch the entire Ancona area nonstop, day and night, including mid-August. Police manta rays surrounded the pier to the applause of the children, who even got gadgets, including key rings with the word “police” on them. They turned up their noses when they heard in the distance the blades of a helicopter that magically emerged from Via Panoramica to fly over Passetto several times, saying goodbye to the city. the police plane – on the orders of the commissioner – descended as far as possible while Kapokasa shook hands with adults and children. Breathtaking scenes as 113 jet skis performed stunts near the breakwaters. Then photos and videos among the agents, with little bathers who left watermelons under an umbrella to run to be photographed next to the policemen. “We cops should be treated like friends, not like cops. We need to change the mentality, so I’m glad to see so many children here today,” said the Commissioner. Franco and Daniela Stacio, Cristina Carletti, Fabio and Sabrina instead chose to depict themselves on a postcard that reads “Gang Passetto 2023”. Among them is even little Adele with Claudia and Emilio, Lina, Salvatore and Gianni. Hawaiian necklaces colored the bay between group dances that began (spontaneously) at lunchtime. Claudio Cherusico also sang the notes of Giovanotti and Ricchi e Poveri: “I am satisfied with this mid-August, the balance is positive and Passetto confirms itself as one of the most beloved beaches of citizens and tourists.”

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