Celebrities who suffered complications during pregnancy

Last week, the big sister of the Ku Klux Klan Kardashian sisters He made news after announcing via social networks that he was in the hospital, where he had recently suffered complications Pregnant.

According to the news shared, Courtney Revealing she underwent “emergency fetal surgery” because her baby, as well as her life, was in danger.

“I will be forever grateful to my wonderful doctors for saving our children’s lives. I am forever grateful to my husband, who ran to me during the tour, stayed with me in the hospital, and took care of me after the show, my rock .Thanks to my mom for helping me with this,” she shared on her Instagram profile.

Finally, for the peace of mind of her family, friends and millions of fans, Kourtney and her husband, Travis BarkerAfterwards, they go home to rest in the company of their relatives and complete the pregnancy cycle.

“Praise God. It is such a blessing to be discharged safely with the baby in my belly.” kris jennerFortunately, she managed to overcome the complications of her fourth pregnancy.

While we know there are cases where the outcomes were not as good as Courtney’s, medical or life miracles do occur, so today we’ll be recounting some of those cases. famous They had been through similar situations, and after experiencing panic and bitterness, they succeeded in achieving their goals. Pregnant and born their child.

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Just at the end of last month serena williams She shared on social media that she had welcomed her second daughter, Adira R. Ohanian. Unlike her first pregnancy, this time she doesn’t appear to have suffered the same medical complications she experienced when giving birth to her daughter in 2017. olympiais about to turn 6 years old.

The contestant shared what she faced in an article she wrote for Elle magazine maternalSpecifically, at this moment born.

According to her, after Olympia was born, she was forced to stay hospitalized at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Florida because her lungs had formed and lodged in her lungs since 2010, causing her to recover slowly. The date they were detected.

“Since then, I have lived in constant fear that they would come back. This was not an isolated thing; it was. I am at high risk for blood clots,” the magazine reads.

According to his diagnosis, he was supposed to receive heparin, a drug that helps blood clotting; however, when it was not provided, a series of complications began to threaten his life. Due to the pain and stress of not receiving medical attention, she suddenly coughed, causing the sutures of the caesarean section to loosen, and she had to undergo another surgery to close the wound.

“I was coughing because I had an embolism, a blood clot, in one of my arteries. The doctors also found a hematoma in my abdomen and had to prevent more blood clots from reaching my lungs.”

Finally, after several hours of perseverance, Serena successfully received medication and studies to rule out any current and future complications.

After six long weeks, Williams was discharged from the hospital and able to return home to her newborn daughter and her businessman husband. Alexis Ohanian.

One limitation of motherhood is age, which can adversely affect us as we get older, as happened to us. Salma HayekWhen he was 40 years old, he decided to write a letter to a stork.

While age is not necessarily a criterion for having your first child, age is more nuanced from conception to the development of the pregnancy itself, as well as complications for the baby’s health.

In the case of the actress from Veracruz, she was diagnosed gestational diabetes, which can cause significant and risky increases in blood sugar. As a result, Salma had to be under near-permanent medical supervision throughout her pregnancy. Furthermore, since she gained so much weight, she was forced to follow a balanced and supervised diet so as not to affect her and her children’s health.

As expected, the wife François Henri Pinaulta smooth pregnancy and a smooth birth Valentina PalomaHe came into this world on September 21, 2007. He is now close to 16 years old and is already considered a it girl in Europe and the United States.

For the record, Salma’s gestational diabetes disappeared after she gave birth. Currently, he is in good health. At 57, he looks better than ever.

kate middletoncurrent princess of wales and duchess of cambridgefocusing on the hyperemesis gravidarumamong its three Pregnant. When you have this condition, nausea and vomiting are normal symptoms of almost all pregnancies, but can be more intense and persistent, making going out or in public more complicated.

While nausea is common during pregnancy, in the case of hyperemesis gravidarum, it can be so intense that it sometimes causes dizziness and, in the best cases, fainting and dehydration from frequent vomiting. Other conditions.

In Kate’s case, her hyperemesis gravidarum was much more severe during her first pregnancy and even resulted in her being hospitalized. As a result, in all three pregnancies, she was forced to put her activity schedule on hold during the first months of pregnancy. pregnancy Until he felt better, as it was revealed that he couldn’t even leave his room because he felt so bad.

he has four children kim kardashiantwo of which were born naturally and two of which were surrogacy. The decision that forced the businesswoman to have two children via surrogate came as her first two pregnancies were risky as she suffered medical complications that affected her and her children’s health.

“have preeclampsiaI gave birth to the girl six weeks ago (northwest) weighed 1,800 kilograms and was diagnosed placenta accreta”, these are some of the statements the reality star made to Laura Wasser on her podcast All’s Fair. Because the pregnancy was so complicated, doctors were forced to attach adhesives to the uterus during delivery The placenta on the wall detached, causing massive bleeding and nearly killing her.

Still, despite facing a retained prognosis, Kim managed to get pregnant a second time, thanks to nearly two years of treatments that included freezing embryos. History seemed to be repeating itself, because on her second try, she encountered the same thing she did with her first pregnancy.

Finally, after birth holyKim went into the operating room five times in one year because she had to undergo multiple surgeries to repair damage to her uterus, for which her next two children, chicago and Western Psalmsconceived in the surrogate uterus.

brazil top models Adriana Lima Last year, she became a mother for the third time, giving birth to a boy she calls “Boy.” blue. While the last pregnancy had no complications, despite being in her 40s, her second pregnancy put both her and her baby’s lives at risk.

In 2010, at the age of 29, she decided to give birth to a little sister for her eldest daughter. Valentinathat’s how she wrote to the stork, and when she got pregnant, her dream came true Siena.

A few months into her pregnancy, the model was diagnosed with preeclampsia, so she was forced to take a complete break during her pregnancy. However, her efforts were not enough, and according to medical orders, she had to undergo surgery to speed up the delivery.

When little Sienna was born at 34 weeks, “she weighed only 2.2 kilograms,” Lima told Parents magazine. She and the little girl had to stay in the hospital for a few days until they were both healthy enough to be discharged.

After getting out, Adriana told People about her experience, remembering how small her baby was compared to other newborns. Nonetheless, they both managed to move forward and Sienna is in good health today.

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