Tim Burton vs Disney fairy tales in the style of AI: “They take something from your soul”

Los Angeles, September 13, 2023 – Tim Burton lines up againstartificial intelligence. The protest front that has been spreading for months in Hollywood, where actors and screenwriters are still active, is expanding. strike create a wall against the invasion of technology into the film industry. This time it’s director Tim Burton’s turn, his Beetlejuice (1988) is unforgettable.

And precisely at a time when he is busy with the sequel to the historical and revolutionary animated film – Beetlejuice 2, planned for 2024 with Michael Keaton and Jenna Ortega main characters – that a former Disney designer raised a shield against AI: “It’s like they sucked something out of you, they take something from your soul or from the psyche. It’s like a robot has taken over your humanity, your soul.” This is what happened.

Corpse Bride‘created by artificial intelligence? This inevitable transition that is beginning to gain momentum, a real revolution similar to what happened many years ago with computer graphics for animated films. First the pencil fell, now creativity of people. Tim Burton jumped out of his chair when he saw Disney princesses interpreted using artificial intelligence technology that were as beautiful as they were surreal.

BuzzFeed used Artificial Intelligence Algorithm recreate the main characters the most famous Disney fairy tales with the unmistakable style of Tim Burton. From Frozen to The Little Mermaid, Snow White and Cinderella, Rapunzel or sleeping Beauty in the forest (the most successful one, complete with a scar on the cheek). But there is also The Lion King, Aladdin and Peter Pan. A successful experiment? The director says no. “They made one my AI version of Disney characters. I can’t express how I felt,” commented Tim Burton. “It reminded me of those cultures where they say, otherwise, don’t photograph me.” you stole my soul

It’s as if progress is turning against Tim Burton’s innovative work. He joined a team of graphic designers and designers at just 18 years old. Walt Disney Animation StudiosBurton participated in the creation of a very famous feature filmRed and Toby – Nemiciamici’ (Fox and Dog) 1981. But he didn’t like the work; the style was too far from his creative streak. “Era torture, I had to draw all the scenes with cute winking animals. I just couldn’t do it,” he said in a comment to Red and Toby a while back. Thus, his story took a new turn.

Even the set ‘Beetlejuice 2delayed due to ongoing strike in Hollywood. However, the filming would have been at the finish line: it wouldn’t have happened. a few days until the last take. So, in September 2024, Tim Burton will return to theaters with the sequel to his most subversive animated film: a gothic and decadent world in reverse, with deaths and supernatural effects in the afterlife. We’ll see him on TV again Wednesday, a successful series with Jenna Ortega, born from the work of Burton. Love at first sight arose between them, so strong that the director also wanted to play the beautiful Ortega in the new Beetlejuice.

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