Charles Barkley claims two NBA legends ‘saved the NBA’ but neither was Michael Jordan

Charles Barkley will forever be grateful to the people for the NBA we know today.We won’t see that epic showdown bounce dome And his toughest opponent in the 1993 Finals if the NBA hadn’t televised it live. When he and Michael Jordan entered the league, NBA players and attending NBA games were not profitable. It was they who won eight championships in the 1980s and became two other icons of the sport, both of whom Barkley remains grateful to this day.

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The two most important people in NBA history are Magic Johnson and Larry Bird“He said The Stephen A. Smith Show. ““Those guys saved the NBA.” He went on to say: “Magic Johnson and Larry Bird changed the whole thing, and every time I see Magic and Bird, I tell them, ‘Thank you, man. ‘”


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Barkley delves into some NBA history at a time when this wasn’t most athletes’ primary job. He said that when he entered the NBA, the average salary was $250,000. Both he and Jordan were drafted in 1984, when the salary cap was $300,000. As always, the salary cap is directly proportional to the revenue the team earns, and TV revenue is a major part of that.

In the past, Barkley acknowledged Jordan for creating the global game. But he said it’s not easy for guys like him and MJ to get into the NBA and make money as easily as people think.


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Charles Barkley credits Legends for his salary

The rivalry between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird was enough to captivate audiences. It brought the NBA from the era of tape delay to live broadcasts. Then Michael Jordan comes on the scene and everyone wants to see him play. When he led the Chicago Bulls to the Finals in 1991, NBA television rights were a hot commodity.

Jordan was on NBA prime time and went global. Realizing his worth, he renegotiated his rookie contract and received one of the highest salaries in NBA history. Until then, Magic was the highest-paid NBA professional. By 1991, the salary cap was $12 million. At that time, Chuck’s annual salary was nearly $2.9 million. At the end of his career, he earned the highest salary, $9 million. However, none of this would be possible without Magic and Bird allowing the NBA to make money through broadcasts and sponsorships.

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Barkley said on Smith’s show that the current class of players “so lucky and happy“They make millions of dollars playing basketball. As blunt as Chuck is, he doesn’t stray off topic at this point.

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