‘Secret’ foods to boost your defenses after the flu

The constant changes in weather didn’t help, and Virus multiply and cause common infections.this nose and throat is the main victim of this incident cold, will only heal over time.have drug can relieve symptoms, but there are many natural medicine have proven over the years and centuries that their effectiveness.Additionally, they alleviate symptombut they also prevent Infect.That’s the case super foodcarrying for thousands of years be used as herbal medicine Everyone can use it.

its about ginger. This plant is known for its spicy aroma and taste.However, it has 400 compounds Different, among which carbohydrates, lipids and phenolic compounds are the most prominent. Its amino acid, fiber, protein, phytosterol, vitamin and mineral content is also interesting.

Benefits of ginger

As a natural remedy, what information we have about this root has been passed down from generation to generation, but there is scientific evidence confirming its properties.It is understood that it has as many as nine benefit strengthen immune system: yes Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antitussive, anticancer, antibacterial and antibiotic.

The list of useful properties does not end here.It can also calm people down pain,as well as nausea and Vomit Moderate.help Gastrointestinal discomfortimproved cardiovascular function and resistance insulinand accelerate metabolism.For all this, it is perfect ally Relieves and prevents viral infections that cause colds and flu. But how is it taken?

How to take ginger

There are many ways to take ginger, but the most common is Tea. Only a small amount is needed to make one. infusion This root part can easily be fruits and vegetables From the supermarket.Currently, its price averages around five euros per kilogram, but it is enough 20 grams make a good a cup of tea ginger

It is recommended to take fresh ginger, but you can also buy ready-made infusions.Plus, it pairs well with other foods: you can put Honey, lemon, orange, turmeric, Chamomile anyone Cinnamon.

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