Charles Barkley snubs Michael Jordan in favor of LeBron James in one key GOAT category: ‘He’s the only one…’

Charles Barkley may have a thing or two to criticize about LeBron James, but he believes the NBA scoring champion is one of the greatest players of all time. The 76ers legend has presented flowers to James many times, but surprisingly, this time, he didn’t hesitate to send them before Michael Jordan. There is only one reason behind it.

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Barkley joins Steph on ESPN. A. Smith was interviewed about the four-time champion, in which he revealed this. “I think Michael Jordan was a greater player, but I think LeBron’s story is arguably the greatest story in sports because, of all the high school kids that make it to the NBA, He’s actually the only one who’s ready“.

Barkley believes no 18-year-old can do as well as the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. It’s worth noting that the 1993 MVP also gave a comparison. I continued, “As great as Kobe Bryant was, he struggled early. Kevin Garnett struggled, McGrady struggled. “I think those three are the best high school players to go straight to the NBA… …LeBron is the only one ready. ”


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As a teenager in the NBA, James has the best summary. In his first year as a rookie, he became a starter for the Cavaliers. In the 79 games he played, he averaged nearly 21 points per game. The following season, it reached 27 points and later 31 points. On the other hand, as Barkley said, Kobe had a rough time in his early years. He averaged 7 points and 15 points in his first two seasons.

So that brings us to the ultimate question, who is Barkley’s GOAT? He did reveal that once it was Michael Jordan. What’s his attitude now?


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After LeBron James becomes scoring king, Charles Barkley addresses ‘GOAT’ controversy

After James’ historic night last year, Barkley had to dig into “GOAT” talk again. This time, however, he had to level the score between not two, but three legends of the game. Michael Jordan is obviously there. Interestingly, LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also received flowers.

Buckley shared, “Kareem is the greatest player of his generation, MJ is the greatest player of his generation, LeBron is the greatest player of his generation… You can’t compare eras”. Well, the 1993 MVP said so himself.

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Who do you think is the goat? Do you agree with Buckley? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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