Countries prepare for possible spread of mysterious pneumonia epidemic in China

Several countries are taking steps to prevent the spread of the infectious respiratory disease following an outbreak in China of a severe form of pneumonia that mainly affects children and is under investigation by the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to Newsweek, countries such as Taiwan, India and Vietnam are bracing for further spread of the respiratory illness.

ministry of health india Recently urged its states and union territories to assess hospital preparedness measures According to NDTV, during the outbreak.

The steps they are taking to ensure adequate supplies in the event of a similar outbreak include assessing the availability of human resources, Hospital beds, medications, oxygen, personal protective equipment and testing kits.

Vietnam, in turn, asked the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide more information about the disease.The National Administration of Preventive Medicine also stated that The plan proposes prevention and control measures that may be taken when the virus spreads globally, According to “Newsweek” citing Vietnam Net Global Report.

Call for caution

Despite the precautionary measures taken by these countries, The World Health Organization urges caution. This is mainly compared to the Covid-19 pandemic, which also originated in China.

Maria Van Kerkhove, Acting Director of the Department of Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention of the World Health Organization, assured that the increase in diseases in China It is not the same as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Likewise, WHO health emergencies expert Krutika Kupalli warned that it is crucial that we gather more information to properly understand what is happening.

“I understand the concerns about reports of #pneumonia in Chinese children, But we need to gather more information about what’s going on“, wrote Kuppalli on X, formerly known as Twitter. He explained that this could be due to mycoplasma (which is increasing in China), respiratory syncytial virus, Covid-19 or influenza.

It must be remembered that the international organization recently asked China to provide more information about the epidemic.

Chinese experts believe the outbreak may be related to an increase in infections with Mycoplasma pneumoniae, a pathogen known to cause respiratory illness in children.

Under any circumstances, The World Health Organization has issued a series of recommendations for the public aimed at reducing the risk of infection.

Recommendations include getting a flu vaccine to prevent further outbreaks of respiratory illness, keeping your distance if you have symptoms, avoiding contact with others while sick, testing for pathogens present, wearing a mask where appropriate, ensuring good ventilation of confined spaces, and maintaining strict hand hygiene health.

World Health Organization guarantees Updates on the disease will continue to be released.

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