Chilean media assures Luis Miguel injected himself with corticosteroids Grupo Milenio

Luis Miguel Continuing to keep people buzzing during Chile stay A total of 10 concerts in the series What will the singer give?Rumors spread like wildfire on Tuesday singer in hospitalHowever, this is deny Chilean journalist Cecilia Gutierrez reports.

The reporter revealed in the interview “The sun is coming out” The singer suffers from bronchitis, and, According to the reporterthe interpreter must corticosteroid injection able to sing

Luis Miguel coughs special during second concert in Chile

Cecilia Gutierrez Live link to “Sale el Sol” and share that the singer wasn’t hospitalized during his stay in Chile, but yeah been to emergency services due to the disease he suffered from.

“Luis Miguel has been to the emergency services clinic more than once. On Tuesday, after his second concert in Chile, he had to go again in the evening.”

According to the reporter’s understanding, Luis Miguel shows pain Cecilia Gutiérrez said they did research on the body, throat and chest and eventually Diagnose bronchitis.

“He was not feeling well and had a lot of body pain, pain in the throat and chest. A chest scan was done to rule out any pathology and ultimately Luis Miguel’s diagnosis was bronchitis.”

Ana Maria Alvarado Inquiry Chilean journalist if the singer is real vitamin injection Able to perform physically during concerts in Chile.According to the information provided by Cecilia Cheung, in addition to vitamins, she also injected A substance called a corticosteroid.

“He’s been injecting himself constantly. I know he travels with his personal doctor, but he still sees the doctor here (in Chile), and the medical team from the clinic visits him every day at his hotel, not only giving him Vitamin injections but he’s also on corticosteroids, which allows him to perform on stage every night.”

Cecilia Gutierrez He explained that the purpose of injecting the aforementioned substances is to allow the singer to perform on stage every day. done during His stay in Chile.

“Corticosteroids are not a long-term treatment, but they work quickly, which allows him to be on stage every day, because he has already played three times in Chile.”

reporter chile highlighted Although the singer has a bad voice, he uses love and interact with the publicThat’s because some fans complained about the Mexican singer’s voice quality.

What corticosteroid did Luis Miguel allegedly inject himself with?

Corticosteroids are very important drugs because they have potent anti-inflammatory effect and immunosuppressants; however, they may cause various side effects, according to Allergic Disease Books, published by BBVA Foundation.

Corticosteroids are mainly used for bronchopulmonary diseaseadministered by inhalation.

They are indicated for the treatment of symptoms Bronchopulmonary, eyes, nose and skinTreatment of various allergic diseases, and emergency treatment in case of severe reactions.

in different consensus iInternational Standards for Asthma Treatment, sinusitis, nasal polyposis and atopic dermatitis requiring corticosteroid therapy and its usage guide.

Luis Miguel may have pharyngitis, according to fan club reports


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