Chloe Bailey accidentally shoots Michael B. Jordan

Social media users are sharing their reactions after singer Chloe Bailey recently expressed her crush on actor Michael B. Jordan.

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Chloe Bailey reveals Michael B. Jordan is still her celebrity crush

The 25-year-old singer recently sat down for an interview on “The Dotty Show” on Apple Music. During the conversation, Bailey revealed that Michael B. Jordan, 36, is still her celebrity crush.

“Michael B. Jordan is my celebrity crush,” Bailey explained. “I’ve said that in interviews — even like a few years ago.”

The singer was apparently referring to her and her sister Halle Bailey’s 2018 appearance on the morning talk show “The Real.” At the time, Bailey said her celebrity crushes included Donald Glover and Jordan.

The singer shares why she won’t take shots at actors

As the interview continued, Bailey explained that she hasn’t told Jordan that he’s her celebrity crush.

“I can’t shoot,” she explained to host Dottie, who then asked her how Michael B. Jordan knew how she felt.

Bailey responded: “I don’t know.”

Dottie then encouraged the singer to send Jordan a direct message on Instagram to express her feelings. Bailey, however, firmly refused.

“You may be holding back your blessings, but I know you love blessings,” Dottie told Bailey.

The singer later explained the reason for his refusal.

“I knew I loved blessings, but I thought God was going to bring my blessing to me when it was supposed to be here,” Bailey said.

Additionally, the 25-year-old explained that when we try to “force” our blessings, we can “prevent other blessings” from finding us.

At the end of the interview, Dottie asked Bailey what she liked about Michael B. Jordan, causing the singer to blush and smile.

“Wow! Look at you, blushing like he’s in the room!” Dottie said. “It’s crazy! Just because I miss him!”

Check out the moment below!

social media reaction

Social media users quickly took to The Shade Room’s comments section to share their reactions. Many people have explained that despite her reluctance to intentionally shoot Michael B. Jordan, Chloe Bailey fired the gun accidentally.

Instagram user @tonybaker added.

“This is the footage that was taken. This is going to affect him.”

Instagram user @yeahitstyg wrote.

“These interviews mentioning him are the footage! 😩😂 I finally met one of them!”

Added Instagram user @cupcakemama216.

“Don’t worry girl. He knows now. Chloe and Michael sitting in the tree. Kissing!!! ❤️”

Other social media users shared that Bailey and Jordan would make a “super cute” couple.

Instagram user @chythegreatest wrote.

“‘Look how you’re blushing like he’s in the room!’ 😂😂😂 They’re gonna be super cute!!

Instagram user @iamqoy added.

“They can be great together. “Chloe is very loving to give. “

Instagram user @slimkay_91 wrote.

“I mean can you blame her! Looks like it might be some chemistry! ♥️”

A profile of Chloe Bailey and Michael B. Jordan’s recent dating history

As The Shade Room previously reported, Chloe Bailey was last romantically linked to rapper Gunna in October 2021.

However, a month after public speculation began, the rapper denied the rumors. Additionally, Gunnar reportedly added that he and Bailey are just friends.

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In January 2022, Pele confirmed Gunna’s position.

According to The Shade Room, Michael B. Jordan was recently romantically linked to Lori Harvey. According to reports, the two confirmed their relationship in January 2021. However, Jordan and Harvey reportedly parted ways in June 2022.

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Since then, Michael B. Jordan and Chloe Bailey most recently supported each other at the Creed III premiere earlier this year. Months later, they were seen hugging each other at a basketball game.

Roommates, do you think Chloe Bailey and Michael B. Jordan would make a good couple?

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