Chloé Zhao refuses to comment publicly on recent rumors about the film’s sequel

Eternals 2 director Chloé Zhao refuses to publicly comment on recent rumors about the film’s sequel.

While in Italy was received surprisingly positively, in America the film has literally divided the critics of the sector even becoming the film of Marvel Cinematic Universe with the lowest percentage on Rotten Tomatoes with the 47% to positive reviews as well as the first Marvel Studios film to be considered “Rotten” from the site (which can be translated as “rotten”), or rather not worthy of viewing. The film’s mixed reception clearly had an impact on box-office receipts. Having released at a time when theaters were still struggling due to the pandemic, the blockbuster grossed 402.1 million dollars all over the world and it has not been profitable for the Disney. Despite that, according to some very reliable rumors a sequel to the film would be in development at Marvel Studios.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chloé Zhao opened up about her career and work on Eternals. When she was asked to publicly comment on the rumors regarding a potential second chapter, the director took refuge behind a cryptic “no comment“, suggesting his possible involvement in the project:

THR: “As I told you at the Eternals junket, I’m a huge fan of your movie because you’ve done something new with Marvel in regards to the story and the way of production. And while there have been rumors of an Eternals 2 for a while now, is that something you’re still interested in pursuing?”

zhao: “No comment.”

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