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Choose love - Choose love - kr.  Nicola Dove/Netflix © 2023.
Choose love – Choose love – kr. Nicola Dove/Netflix © 2023.

Choose love – choose love this is a Netflix experiment, just like before Bandersnatchspecial issue Black mirror, AND Kimmt vs. Reverendspecial issue Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. However, the experiment is not always successful, and in this case it lacks a solid foundation..

The starting point is Kami’s very quiet life (Laura Marano), engaged to Paul for three years (Scott Michael Foster), a divorce lawyer, a caring and devoted man. Driven by obvious dissatisfaction, she decides to turn to a fortune teller for advice about the cards. In his destiny, in particular, three figures of the Tarot take shape. Three men from which she will be asked to choose.

Between which we will actually have to choose.

Immediately after this Cami accidentally meets her first high school crush, Jack (Jordi Webber), a hippie activist with dreams of saving the world, flirting with us as if Paul never existed. And a few minutes later a third appears, in a predictable crescendo worthy of the fantasies of a twelve-year-old: international rock star Rex, an amalgamation of Zayn, Harry Styles and Moneskin’s Damiano David Avan Jogia.

Interactive structure

After a series of warm-up choices that are almost completely useless to the plot but are at times hilarious, like choosing a bully who may or may not get hit by Cami’s granddaughter, the audience is literally forced to choose between Paul, Jack, and Rex. A “dream” moment is one that can be returned to multiple times, and to which the film itself returns after completing each of its possible endings. Why? Because the game is precisely about discovering them all (there are six in total) with the complicity of the main character, who constantly breaks the fourth wall to interact with us..

The real problem is that most of the choices are formulaic and flat it doesn’t maximize the potential of this story, which the writers, wanting to be kind, didn’t even bother writing. The plot is a riot of platitudes strung together one after another, the dialogue has been heard countless times in teen comedies and always borders on embarrassment. But what’s even worse is that nothing is believablestarting with the absence of any obstacles or hostility towards Kami: everything is going smoothly for her, she has three incredible men at her feet(Has it already been said that this is a teenage fantasy?) and nothing seems to bother her.

Pay attention to one detail

No matter in what order you decide to discover the stories – because in the end you will become a victim of this curiosity – the most interesting aspect It should be noted that Kami seems to remember previous choices., even went so far as to thank viewers if they had to choose all three romantic endings with three different men. It makes you smile, but it’s unusual.

Maybe it’s the algorithm, or maybe deep down our collective psychology is quite predictable when applied to such a simple story, but there actually seems to be a clear order of consideration. Choose love and then go back and watch it again and again.

And don’t say you didn’t end up on Rex’s private jet on your first try either, because no one believes that anyway.

Avan Jogia, Jordi Webber and Laura Marano in the film Choose Love. Courtesy Netflix © 2023.

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