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From Barbie To Ariel, Disney’s famous little mermaid, it’s a small step if the runway for the most popular hair color of the summer is fought accordingly blonde And red abandoned all their most intriguing nuances.

Indeed, in recent weeks there have been many famous people who have succumbed to the mysterious, seductive and sometimes rare charm of the gods. Red hair, the color of fire, an expression of strength and energy. Although the shades chosen by celebrities lately differ from each other, they have one thing in common: brightnesstogether with reflections that turn blonde and golden leaving the depth and intensity of the darker and enveloping nuances for the coming winter.

Here are three ideas for red inspired by the latest image changes of the most famous:

Cinnamon Cookie Butter

This is a real wait for autumn Hailey Bieber who decided to rely on the hands of stylist Matt Rez to give her look a beautiful makeover. The model abandoned the nutty tone, warmed by honey highlights, and turned to what Rez nicknamed. “Cinnamon Cookie Butter”, a brown shade with hints of copper (but also gold), reminiscent of the typical cinnamon color. A truly spicy yet sweet taste of fall.

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Among the latest appearance changes we find Emily Ratajkowski. The model ditched the intense and deep chocolate brown to switch to a shade reminiscent of the color. spicy cinnamon. Created by Colorist Jenna Perry it has an intense luminosity created by a combination of almost gold and copper reflections that reflect light to create movement and dimension.

Emily Ratajkowski

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It’s not the first time Megan Fox he allows himself to be seduced by red. A color that, apparently, she likes, and which has been decorating her long, or rather very long, flowing hair for a couple of months now. In particular, he chose an intriguing copper tone whose red reflections move along its entire length, illuminating the face.

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